Zombie Survival Tips – Learn How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie or super zombie survival tips will be a must-read for every person who is prepared to fight back. A zombie attack on your town is the last thing you want.

In the future, we will have super-micro-technology that will enable the biological or mechanical functions of living organisms to survive being eaten by zombies. It’s a question of survival or not.

We will be able to get down to the earth on private space shuttles and send some super-intelligent robots into the zombie country and wipe them out. I am sure we can’t afford to let one of these attack our towns with the zombie plague? This is why so many people believe in the TV shows about how to survive the zombie apocalypse and that is because it is a reality that has to be confronted if we are going to survive the modern world.

Most people aren’t even prepared for a zombie apocalypse and that’s a shame. They haven’t ever been taught the basics of what to do when a zombie attack hits their town. It’s sad, because in the beginning there is a chance for a happy life.

The last time a zombie apocalypse hit there was no electricity. This would be the perfect opportunity to get things started. We would have plenty of food, supplies, and a place to keep the zombies where the zombies can be fed and have enough water to survive without needing to drink human blood.

The very first ones that the humans come across will be weak and could easily get killed. These zombies that were killed or were forced to eat human flesh should be the ideal size for a man eating. We are sure there are plenty of them to go around, right?

So what about the survivors? What happens to the food supplies that are not eaten by the zombies? There are many options here and many sources of technology that will create a solution to this problem. But, the question remains as to why anyone isn’t prepared for a zombie attack.

Are the people responsible at least paying attention to what is going on around them? If you look at the television and read the news about the lack of understanding of what is happening in the world is glaring. How about a bit of education about the zombie plague and why is it so important? A lot of people don’t think it’s necessary, but the reality is that it could spell the end of the human race.

I have found that if people aren’t prepared for a zombie attack that they will panic, panic, and then run. When you are running, you are very likely to die. I can imagine that many people would scream that they are taking the zombies out with automatic weapons just to live to see another day and most likely to make themselves look good.

It’s like getting shot in the face and then yelling in pain that you are having the death of your face. The fact is that you are indeed having the death of your face and you are probably going to end up dead soon anyway.

The best way to handle a zombie attack is to take deep breaths and relax. Don’t try to shoot the zombies in the head or use a pitchfork on them.

Instead, take a mental picture of the enemy and focus on his weaknesses. You will see that you can kill an enemy by focusing on the weaknesses. The weak things about a zombie are his speed and power and you can overcome these. If you wan tot learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse or any other Earth ending situations you have to read How To Survive The End Of The World by John Richards on Amazon today.