Zac Efron busts his grandpa out of his retirement home

The “High School Musical” star and his bro Dylan Efron recreated a “Mission Impossible” minute in an Instagram video, with Zac slipping into the house and swiping a pass from a worker to get entry.

He rolled along the flooring up until he discovered his grandpa, who was being in his space with a hat on all set to go.

“We’re coming Grandpa!” Efron captioned the video.

His bro played cameraman on the household experience, discussing the post that grandfather “just wanted to watch the Euro Cup with the boys.”

Zac has actually adoringly called his grandpa his “hero” and as soon as published a birthday message to him stating, “Happy 91st Bday to the Original Efron! The man who made it all possible! After the army-he married my beautiful Grandma Dotty, raised three young Efrons- one of whom is one heck of a guy- my dad.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.