YouTube will now hide the dislike counter on videos

The dislike counter will vanish from your most disliked YouTube videos, however the dislike button isn’t disappearing. YouTube exposed the modification in an article on Wednesday, which offered some extra context regarding why the business will get rid of the dislike counter on all its videos.

While the dislike counter — which, as the name recommends, counts the number of times individuals have actually done not like a YouTube video — has its usages, YouTube scientists found that lots of users tend to bombard a single video in a sort of review-bomb-like technique. This tanks the video not due to the fact that of its material, however due to the fact that individuals don’t like the developer themselves, or some other stubborn factor. Call of Responsibility fans utilized this precise technique to rocket the Call of Responsibility: Infinite Warfare trailer into the “most disliked video” back in 2016 — although it was rapidly dismissed.

In an effort to prevent mass disliking and assist all developers prosper — be they huge business makers like Activision, or private channels — the dislike counter will now be personal.

YouTube really explored with the elimination of the dislike counter previously this year, and the proof it discovered at the same time resulted in its choice to get rid of the counter on every video. Although users won’t have the ability to inspect a video’s quality at a look rather as quickly, YouTube appears more worried about the psychological distress and frustration that mass dislikes can trigger.

Users will still be able to dislike a video to curate their YouTube recommendations, and content creators can inspect the number of dislikes their videos have actually gotten for research study functions.

YouTube has actually currently begun rolling this modification out, and it will slowly take control of the whole website.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.