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Your Personal Best: Integrate exercise into daily routine

Wellness education is based on three foundational disciplines: exercise science, nutrition education and stress management techniques.

Dr. Milady Murphy said it’s important to find ways to integrate exercise into your daily routine. Start with as little as 10 minutes a day, and gradually work up to 30 minutes or longer for five days a week.

“Exercise increases our immune system, it strengthens our heart and lung capacity, and it increases circulation for energy and stamina,” Murphy said.

Nutrition education doesn’t mean dieting. Instead, it’s finding ways to integrate healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, lean sources of protein and good fats into what you eat.

“Nutrition education is very helpful because it provides those guidelines to help us with our immune system and the prevention of disease, especially as we age,” Murphy said.

And integrating positive lifestyle skills into your daily plans, like diaphragmatic breathing, prayer or meditation, progressive muscle relaxation or visual imagery, to name a few.

It’s also imperative that you work with your doctor to get the proper guidance and medical intervention alongside these lifestyle techniques.

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