Young family moving from St. Louis to Kentucky loses almost everything after car catches fire | St. Louis News Headlines

ST. LOUIS ( — A North County mom is applauding 2 Do-gooders for conserving her household’s lives after their cars and truck burst into flames Monday.

Jasma Horse has a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old and stated she was ill of the weapon violence in St. Louis and wished to provide her young boys a much better life. Horse stated she landed a job in Kentucky where her buddy lives. Monday, she filled up practically whatever they own into her cars and truck and began the drive towards Lexington, Kentucky.

“The drive was going fine, the boys were in the car we were listening to music,” Horse stated.

Horse and her 2 kids were on Highway 64, about 20 minutes from their location when her cars and truck began cigarette smoking. She stated panic set in as her 2 young kids questioned what was incorrect.

“Tried to start it up but it was getting extremely hot in the car and I tried putting the air on and smoke was coming into the car and my son was like ‘mommy turn the air off it’s smoking in the car,’” Horse stated.

Minutes later on, Horse stated a guy driving the opposite method made a U-turn, went out and assisted her pull her young boys out of the cars and truck. Seconds later on she stated the cars and truck, and whatever she owned within, burst into flames.

“I was just screaming. I didn’t know what to do I couldn’t breath,” Horse stated. “I was just thinking about their stuff and now we don’t have anything.”

At the time, a lady called Terry Entwistle was driving from St. Louis through Kentucky to Ohio to visit her child. Her motherly impulse was to stop after seeing Horse in distress.

“I came over and put my arms around her and gave her a hug and said it’s going to be okay,” Entwistle stated. “She said everything I own is in there and I said it’s going to be okay.”

Horse stated Entwistle beinged in the back of the police vehicle and sang to her young boys as she found out what to do next. Ultimately, Entwistle drove Horse and her kid’s to their last location – Horse’s buddy’s home in Lexington, Kentucky. Horse and her kids are now back in St. Louis, remaining on a blow-up mattress in her grandma’s one bed room house.

Horse’s job with Amazon in Kentucky is on hold. She’s still without a vehicle and has very little clothes for her 2 kids. However while she has next to absolutely nothing, she is grateful to have her young boys – what matters most.

“I promise I am going to try and live out my life and just help others the way you guys did for me and my boys,” Horse stated. “I love you guys and we really appreciate it.”

If you feel obliged to assist Horse and her 2 kids – a GoFundMe page has actually been developed to assist them return on their feet.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.