Yankees manager Aaron Boone says Corey Kluber ‘has checked a lot of boxes’ throughout rehab, early in spring

Kluber in Yankees ST in outfield

Kluber in Yankees ST in outfield

Corey Kluber has “checked a lot of boxes” in the last couple of months, according to supervisor Aaron Boone.

The Yankees signed Kluber on a one-year offer worth $11 million, however the two-time Cy Young Award winner has actually tossed simply 36.2 innings in the last 2 years – almost among them in 2019.

However Kluber, by his own account, is up until now, so great.

“I feel really good right now. No issues with [my shoulder] now or anywhere along the rehab process. That’s encouraging,” he stated. “I feel like I’m in a normal spot for spring training. I don’t feel like I’m still working on improving the shoulder or anything like that. I think it’s in a spot where, obviously, any part of your body, it takes maintenance throughout the year, but I’m not putting any more emphasis on that than anything else on this point.”

Filled with injuries, the Yankees are definitely taking a gamble, however with his previous success, and where his health stands today, the Yankees are positive he can go back to his old type.

“Everything in the last few months has checked a lot of boxes as far as the things, first from Eric’s eyes, and then we got scouts’ eyes on him, now we’re getting our coaching staff and strength and conditioning and training staff on him. It’s February, but I would say we’re encouraged certainly and yesterday was another step in that regard.”

The Yankees feel they have had a common sense of Kluber’s procedure, considering his fitness instructor, Eric Cressey, is the Yankees’ director of gamer health and efficiency.

“We have a lot of first-hand knowledge about where he was in his recovery and his training, kind of the measurables coming back from different injuries,” Boone stated.

Today, Kluber has a really practical possibility of being the Yankees’ 2nd starter in the rotation.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.