WWE DVD Reviews

When we first heard that WWE was making a TV show, I had high hopes for the potential to show how Vince McMahon runs his business. I figured that wrestling fans were smart enough to follow Vince’s vision and not the other way around. Of course, we never got an “American Dragon” that could take down the WWWF, but I did get some intriguing glimpses of what the future holds.

The first thing you notice is that there is nothing traditional about the show, no tag, or heel vs. babyface feuds or a guy named the Undertaker coming in for a surprise finish. WWE is going where the audience goes, and they are not afraid to show the whole world that they have found their niche. The beginning of the show is a no-holds-barred shoot interview with Lita, who talks about Vince McMahon’s vision for the company. Then, we go to a backstage segment where Rusev tells all about his recent win in a ring match, where he faces Daniel Bryan.

After that, we find out that the real star of the show is not just any guy, but Daniel Bryan, who were born under the star sign of Gemini. Bryan goes on to win the title belt by knocking out CM Punk in a street fight.

The other stars of the show are the women of WWE, and the last segment is a sexy trinity of Lesnar, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella. The segment, which features the three ladies, is so long it looks like the show may be on forever.

Now, let me tell you something… None of this gets me in the mood to watch wrestling fans complain about the lack of storyline and the lack of big matches. If you want a great way to get your thrills, I suggest checking out the DVD’s for each week’s show.

Bryan, under the guise of getting a promotion, gets eliminated in the first round by James Ellsworth, who is an announcer for NXT. Bryan then retires and is not seen again until WWE Home Video #26. Ellsworth’s spot from Home Video #26 as “The Animal” is used again in the WWE DVD: The Next Big Thing.

The best match on the show is the one between Daniel Bryan and Brian Wouldain, which are featured on Home Video #30. Bryan defeats Forfeit in seven minutes, and Weain leaves WWE because he feels as if he was “disrespected”. Bryan gets another chance at the championship when he battles The Rock in the finals of WrestleMania.

The backstage segments are great stuff. It’s good to see the wrestlers taking the opportunity to have a few laughs while they are in character. A lot of wrestlers look so serious on the DVD’s, but I found that the segment was a lot of fun.

I also enjoyed the variety of the shows. There were always lots of twists and turns in the story lines, but they were always entertaining and great to watch. Also, I loved the superheroes and the super-villains that WWE throwing in there to give the audience a different kind of viewing experience.

Now, I don’t know if you remember, but these TV shows were always on primetime television, but now they are available on the internet for everyone to watch. The DVDs are very inexpensive and usually have free shipping. I recommend watching them when you can, especially the older episodes.

The clips of the older years are still very impressive, and I wish WWE had stuck with this old-school look. As long as WWE is looking to reinvent the company and get fans involved in the entertainment, I’m all for it.

You can buy the WWE DVD’s from the WWE Shop, Amazon, and eBay. Also, you can watch full episodes on Facebook, and YouTube.