WWE 2K22 announced during WrestleMania

Throughout WrestleMania 37 this previous weekend, WWE and 2K revealed WWE 2K22. The statement trailer includes about 30 seconds of logo design treatment and an excellent looking wrestler. WWE 2K22 is the very first numbered WWE video game given that 2K20.

The statement trailer for WWE 2K22 — revealed above — greatly includes Rey Mysterio placing on his popular mask. The very first 20 seconds cuts in between what appears like the real-life Rey Mysterio and his digital doppelganger: the brand-new design for 2K22. The last 10 seconds of the 30-second trailer includes a really brief take a look at gameplay, with Rey Mysterio beating on fellow wrestler Cesaro.

This news comes nearly precisely a year after WWE canceled WWE 2K21. The last correct WWE 2K video game, 2K20, was a straight-out catastrophe according to fans. With the series avoiding 2020 in favor of the cartoonish 2K Battlefields, it’s uncertain if 2K22 will take the series in a brand-new instructions or repeat the errors of the past.

Following the typical release schedule, 2K will likely introduce WWE 2K22 later on this year. It’s presently uncertain what platforms 2K22 will appear on.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.