World of Warcraft’s new Maw raid includes a fate of Sylvanas cutscene

World of Warcraft gamers have actually been fighting versus the dubious Jailer because the start of Shadowlands, however the Sanctum of Supremacy raid is the very first time we get to truly invest any length of time with the huge man himself. The raid ends with a battle versus Sylvanas Windrunner, a previous hero of the Crowd, as she ensures the Jailer can perform his dark strategy. In spite of the high dream setting, the supernatural worlds of death, and the orchestral music that plays throughout, completion cinematic feels more like a scene from Enthusiasms than Warcraft.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Chains of Domination patch.]

Sylvanas Windrunner is a Warcraft 3 character who is likewise among the most popular characters in the Warcraft franchise. She was an elven ranger eliminated by the runeblade Frostmourne, then raised into an undead banshee. Ever since, Sylvanas has actually been unforeseeable. She’s callous and concentrated on vengeance, which has actually sped up rapidly because the Legion growth. She started the Fight for Azeroth growth with a huge intense genocide, and ever since, she’s been intensifying her villainy much more. (Fans have actually continued to enjoy her regardless, in spite of all the burning and pillaging.)

In Shadowlands, she collaborate with the Jailer. We don’t understand a lot about the Jailer, besides the reality that he was banished to rule over extremely hell by his brother or sisters. However in the Sanctum of Supremacy raid, the Jailer wins. He takes the MacGuffin, powers up, and provides his bad guy monologue. Sylvanas lastly understands the man using skulls and abusing souls is going to extend that sort of treatment to her too, and switches on him.

The Jailer is so rubbed up on soul juice at this moment that he doesn’t appear extremely troubled by her betrayal. Rather, he tosses her a crystal of some kind and peaces out. When Sylvanas searches for, she now has blue eyes, and appears quite worried with stopping the Jailer.

So, uh, just what occurred? If you haven’t been maintaining to date with Shadowlands tradition, you’re most likely quite lost. Blizzard has actually planted the seeds of this through previous missions, and the reality is in fact really easy:

Sylvanas has 2 souls, among which is good-hearted, while the other one is harmful. Uther, who likewise passed away from an abrupt case of Frostmourne, had a double soul issue he needed to repair too. Sylvanas’ significant other was caught in a crystal, and by providing her that crystal, the Jailer yeeted it back into her mortal shell.

We’re not completely sure what will occur to Sylvanas next, due to the fact that it’s not like there are rehab programs for soul-fusing. Are individuals criminally accountable for any of the acts they devoted while they were missing out on half of their soul? Most likely, a lot of these concerns will be responded to in future spots — and in the upcoming Sylvanas book in February, which digs deep into the character and her life.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.