World of Warcraft players may finally get glasses, say data miners

Wow’s next spot, Chains of Dominance, has lots of interesting tradition and a harmful brand-new raid. Some gamers are overlooking all the brand-new details coming out from the test worlds, nevertheless, due to the fact that there are more vital discoveries afoot: gamers may lastly getting glasses of their own, according to a current information mine of Spot 9.1.

It’s an odd omission from a video game that’s been going on for over 15 years now, however gamers have actually been desiring glasses for many years. NPCs like the druid traveler Elise Starseeker, a couple of Gilnean grandmas, and a giant historian are all sporting some elegant eyeglasses, however gamers just get access to ostentatious safety glasses. They’re excellent products for engineers, tinkerers, and researchers, however these choices are not subtle.

Wowhead has information mined a set of cosmetic glasses, and they’re all basic circle or half-moon frames. A long-running website, Wowhead has actually generally released information mined material from test servers, dependably letting gamers get a peek at upcoming twists. While some material can alter in between information mining and release, primary story beats or character designs tend to be regularly comparable in between discovery in the information and being introduced in video game.

The glasses in concern are not aesthetically interesting, specifically compared to high level raid equipment … however fans are still extremely delighted. This is a function, no matter how small, that lots of people have actually desired for many years. Fans have actually been attempting to get sunglasses readily available to “transmog” — utilizing the physical look of one product while gearing up another for its statistics — which has actually seemed like a difficult task. Having an entire range of glasses to utilize is a respectable action in the ideal instructions.

At the start of Shadowlands and completion of Fight for Azeroth, Blizzard presented lots of brand-new personalization choices, consisting of scars, tattoos, eyebrows, deals with, and hairdos. Nevertheless, there will be no brand-new updates along those lines in the rest of this growth. The introduction of eyeglasses and some basic sets of armor suggest that Blizzard is still adding brand-new products for transmog, consisting of ones the fans have actually desired for rather a long time.

Polygon connected for remark to Blizzard, however the business decreased to comment. We do not understand how gamers will make or discover these glasses, however it’s possible to check them out on your own utilizing a script on the test world. More information will come as soon as we get closer to the release of Chains of Dominance.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.