World of Warcraft fan artist creates hundreds of specific armor sets

Wow heroes have actually been going to wild locations in the video game’s universes recently, like the worlds of death, or a Lovecraft-style problem world. Some fans, nevertheless, desire that we might be going to these locations in a little bit more design.

Although there are lots of raids and gameplay systems, a few of the loudest debates around Wow are around personalization and cosmetic alternatives, even apparently small ones like knapsacks or a relaxing set of jammies.

A fan artist with the deal with Handclaw has actually been regularly going viral on Wow online forums throughout the last 2 growths, which’s since his art is of a particular thing that gamers desire extremely terribly. Handclaw, likewise called Arthur Lorenz, has actually developed in-depth principle art for numerous possible armor sets.

Image: Arthur Lorenz through Artstation

Blizzard’s Fight for Azeroth and Shadowlands growths terminated the line of “class sets,” which were class-themed complete sets of armor that dropped in each significant spot. Rather, there were less sets with a more concentrated style.

When Fight for Azeroth started, Lorenz began his own armor task, developing heritage armor for not simply every in-game race, however likewise their class also. It’s a massive task, especially since World of Warcraft has grown to include 14 races and 12 classes.

Lorenz has been playing World of Warcraft since launch, and was always fascinated by the raid/class combinations that Blizzard would release over the years. He’s not alone, either. Themed armor sets have always been a big part of the MMO, and some fans pay their subscription simply so they can tinker around in the transmogrification system to create the prettiest or most intimidating outfits.

Image: Arthur Lorenz via Artstation

Lorenz has also created an April Fools’ Day project for a hypothetical expansion centered around goblins and Undermine, as well as a concept package for the Barrens Warfront, which showed up in some data-mined code however never officially made it to the game. However, his armor concepts will likely continue to spread among the Wow fandom, as there’s couple of things fans desire more than to look sweet as hell while they idle in Oribos.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.