Woodridge condo residents kicked out of homes after association says all water must be shut off for repairs

WOODRIDGE, Ill. (WLS) — Households who reside in a Woodridge apartment structure are attempting to determine where to invest the vacations on the eve of being dislodged of their houses.

They were notified by their apartment association 4 days ago that they cannot remain in their houses past December 17.

“They knew this months ago, when it was warm, and they could have told us,” stated Sofi Rodriguez, apartment owner. “And it’s not only the effect of the physicality of moving things away. It’s two weeks ’til Christmas, it’s cold as hell, it’s emotional.”

“These last couple of days we all reached out and exchanged phone numbers and, you know, met to try to figure out what’s our next step,” stated Yvonne Terry, apartment owner.

On December 2, Woodridge County Club Apartment Association #5 sent out homeowners a spectacular letter, which check out in part, “You must vacate the building…on December 17. Do not expect to be able to move back into your unit until spring 2022.”

The apartment association stated damage from a summer season twister is still triggering issues, and all water should be shut off to all systems to prevent pipelines breaking.

The letter continued, “the Association expects the Village of Woodridge to ‘tag’ the building as being uninhabitable by December 18th.”

“Put your hand on your heart and understand that you have wives and spouses and family members. I hope you never have to go through what you’re putting us through,” Rodriguez stated was her message to the association.

The Town of Woodridge stated they are prepared to assist homeowners. They have actually directed about 30 property owners to the Woodridge Neighbors Assisting Neighbors program. However homeowners stated they have actually gotten no assistance yet from the town, and Tuesday early morning they’ll have simply 10 days to determine where they’ll be residing in the winter season.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.