Woman learned birth mother is Lynne Moody, star on ‘That’s My Mama’

Now Wright is sharing the story of having actually been reunited with starlet Lynne Moody after 50 years in what checks out like the ideal Hollywood ending, according to NBC’s “Today.”
“I grew up watching my mother on TV and didn’t even know it,” Wright informed the early morning program. “‘That’s My Mama’ — that was our must-see TV. We all sat down and watched ‘That’s My Mama’ every week, and who knew? No idea. … And that’s my mama!”

The series ran for 2 seasons on ABC from 1974-75.

Wright stated she understood really little about Moody, who was 18 when she delivered, and had a closed adoption.

“My (adoptive) mom told me, ‘Your mommy loved you, but she was really young, and she knew she couldn’t take care of you. I wanted the baby so bad, and that’s why your mom let me take care of you,'” Wright stated. “You weren’t abandoned. This was just the best thing for you.”

He was adopted months after he was born. After decades of searching, he's finally met his birth family

However motivated by her boy a couple of years ago to do hereditary screening, Wright initially located an uncle who informed her the household had actually been looking for her all these years and who led her to Moody, who, like her child, was residing in Los Angeles.

Moody called her birth child.

“A voice on the other end says, ‘Is this my daughter?’ And then I just went, ‘Oh, my God, is this my mother?'” Wright stated. “And then she goes, ‘Yes, sweetie, this is your mom.’ It was just the most indescribable feeling.”

It was a deep connection for Moody, who never ever had any other kids and never ever believed she would discover her precious kid.

“When I found out that she was my daughter, at that moment, it was like I was giving birth,” Moody stated. “Because I lost my legs, I was on the floor in a fetal position, screaming and crying. I didn’t know how deep that hole was.”

And the starlet best understood for functions in the TELEVISION series “Roots” and “Knots Landing” had a Mom’s Day message for all.

“Life is full of surprises sometimes, so hang in there no matter what your circumstances are,” she stated. “Be open to miracles, be open to surprises, and keep the faith.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.