Woman almost scammed out of $1K from scammer threatening to hurt her mother | News

A Michigan female was nearly scammed out of $1,000 throughout a frightening telephone call in the middle of the night.

When Paige Housner saw her mommy calling at 4 a.m. Monday, her heart sunk.

“And I think oh no, something’s wrong,” Housner stated.

The Chelsea homeowner got the phone.

“A gentleman came on the line and said, don’t panic, stay calm, or else I’m going to kill your mom,” Housner stated.

According to Housner, the male stated he was holding her mommy, who resides in Freeland, for a $1,000 ransom. Housner’s hubby Adam called a member of the family who lives near her moms and dads to have him look at your house and contact authorities.

“I just kept thinking, how can I keep my parents safe, or my mom safe in this very moment, being so far away. My only thing I can do is pray to god that if I follow what he wants, he’ll leave,” Housner said.

“I will beat this girl. I ain’t–“

“You’re not — you’re not — you’re not going to touch her. I simply paid it,” audio from the phone call.

When Venmo asked her to confirm her payment to this account, she paused.

“Ok, it states, umm… No that does not, that does not seem like a you, so how, I suggest, this states it’s going to uh… Some Michael Moore. Is that you?” Housner said in the phone call.

“And I believed, I simply made this circumstance method even worse since I questioned who he was. And after that my sibling in law’s like, a garage door light simply switched on, they remain in the garage,” Housner said.

As it turned out, her mom was fine. The phone call was a scam.

“I feel breached, which I have a right to be. However I question myself how I didn’t understand it was phony,” Housner stated.

Housner’s glad she kept a level head and never paid the money and even more thankful her family is safe.TV5 confirmed Housner’s story with Bay County Sheriff Troy Cunningham.

He stated it is tough to apprehend fraudsters like this since they’re generally not in the nation. The constable likewise cautioned individuals to be clever and remain thorough if they ever get among those calls.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.