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Will Call of Duty be on PlayStation forever? Phil Spencer doesn’t know

While Microsoft has said in the past that it will continue offering Call of Duty products on competing platforms like PlayStation, Xbox boss Phil Spencer doesn’t know if these billion-dollar games will stay on those platforms in perpetuity.

Will Call of Duty be on PlayStation forever? Phil Spencer doesn't know 12 |

“So how far does this go? Does this mean Activision games, that Call of Duty that you’ll be able to play on any platform in perpetuity?” Bloomberg’s Emily Chang asked Spencer in a recent interview.

Spencer replied:

“I don’t know what means in forever, like when you think about how long. It’s not for any kind of nefarious business reason, it’s just like what did platforms mean 10 years ago, like I think the definition of some of these things might change over time. But our expectation is we want more people to play.”

Microsoft had previously promised to keep existing Call of Duty games on PlayStation until business deals expire, and the games will remain for an undetermined period of time afterwards.

Microsoft’s official comment on Call of Duty exclusivity reads as follows:

To be clear, Microsoft will continue to make Call of Duty and other popular Activision Blizzard titles available on PlayStation through the term of any existing agreement with Activision. And we have committed to Sony that we will also make them available on PlayStation beyond the existing agreement and into the future so that Sony fans can continue to enjoy the games they love. We are also interested in taking similar steps to support Nintendo’s successful platform. We believe this is the right thing for the industry, for gamers and for our business.

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