Wilfred – Comedy on Steroids

What happens when two scientifically brilliant young people move in together in a new apartment complex? It’s like a Big Bang Theory, except for the science. And because the characters are so adorable, it’s almost impossible not to get swept up in their exploits. Here are seven tips for watching Big Bang Theory episodes that will keep you laughing, excited, and having a great time.


Most guys can tell their buddies and roommates that Amy and Sheldon would be a great fit but get through all basic social situations, including ones involving women, completely baffles them. So lucky, then, for the sweet, babying waitress/aspiring actor Penny. Often seen hanging out with Sheldon and Amy are friends of his and scientists from the California Institute of Tech. Will two guys finally learn that Amy and Sheldon really do have chemistry? Or will they just continue their unspoken romance without ever mentioning it to anyone else?


If you’ve seen the previous season, you’re probably familiar with the characters of Larry and Wil Wheaton. This season gives them the chance to show off some of their comic timing and really make us laugh at their missteps and dumb decisions. If you’re looking for a way to relax in a stressful environment, this is it. It also helps if you can relate to both Larry and Wil, because if you can laugh at your own dumb jokes, that’s one less thing that has to worry about your life. But it’s not always easy. There are times when you’ll feel like you’re on the verge of throwing up, and there’s also a lot of in the script.


If you love the Big Bang Theory, chances are you’ll already have seen the sitcom Wilfred. But Wilfred is the funniest episode of Big Bang Theory, if only because it takes the formula and runs with it. In fact, most of the funniest moments of Wilfred occur between Wilfred and the guys. It’s one of the few shows on television that doesn’t focus too much on one character or the other, since most of the humor takes place off-screen in a group setting that’s actually very similar to the main characters.


One of the funniest parts of Wilfred involves Wilfred’s attempts to impress Penny by pretending to be an expert on everything she says. The writers give Wilfred all sorts of things to say, but she’s usually able to guess what he means after the first couple of sentences. It makes for a funny scene, because she always gets the last laugh.


Wilfred is so much fun, in part, because the cast is so good. Every single actor shines in this sitcom. Whether they’re playing the supporting characters or the main characters, they’re all given their due. You may not like some of the supporting characters’ decisions, and some of the supporting actors may not be as hilarious as others, but there are times when they’re so funny, you’ll be glad you had the chance to see Wilfred instead of the other sitcoms on TV.


For all their quirks, Wilfred makes for a pretty good sitcom. It’s a good thing that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, because otherwise it might end up being more like Friends than it is like Big Bang Theory. If you don’t like watching a sitcom that has to deal with teen angst, Wilfred is probably right for you. But if you enjoy comedies with a lighter touch, it’s one of the better sitcoms out there.


In the end, Wilfred’s premise is so simple – a group of people who can’t be killed off in a sitcom – that the show manages to work around its ridiculous premise in such a way that it’s both hilarious and surprisingly touching at times. It’s great for those who want an easy watchable comedy and yet find a show that’s smart and insightful also fun to watch.