Why is it Called Good Friday?

Why is it called Good Friday? It’s easy to think that the name was chosen at random, when in fact it has deeper roots. In Ireland the Friday rest from work begins after lunch on Good Friday. It is a time for Christians to meet and discuss biblical truths. Christians use the day to celebrate their faith, with activities such as prayer services, bible studies, singing, and of course playing music.


The reason behind the naming of the day is linked to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ changed the course of history. For many centuries Christians have been celebrating the day by recalling the moments when He was on earth. They remember his words, the way he suffered and the way he was martyred.


We are all aware that we live in a fallen world. Every day we face threats from every side. Many of us feel that we have been given little more than what we deserve. A small group of people take matters into their own hands and decide that enough is enough.


When our nation declared bankruptcy two years ago, a group of Americans took the credit cards they had used and bought up everything in the country except one thing – the dollar store. That one store was a symbol of success for that particular group of people. That one store helped to keep them going during a time when there were so many fears. Today those fears are fading. One store is no longer standing tall, but there are others who have made a difference.


Why is it called Good Friday again today, as we face economic issues, conscription and war? Our government has decided that it is time for us to come together and work as one unit. This is not to say that everyone or every person in this country is happy with the way things are today, but it is obvious that there is a need for improvement. I am one of those that feel that it is necessary for us to stop complaining and get to work.


Why is it called Good Friday again today, when we are faced with the reality of numerous out of control government agencies, growing healthcare bills, rising food prices, job losses, and out of control Wall Street lending institutions? We are all aware that there are many who wish to exploit our economic hardships and make a profit. The one’s that are involved in the financial markets are manipulating the price levels and causing mass hysteria. We must take back our economy and begin a long-term process of sound money and free enterprise.


Why is it called Good Friday again today when in fact we have not heard a peep from the federal government. It is hard to believe that the greatest threat to our nation, the one that they call evil and oppose, is our own citizens! Who do you think really is trying to make us less safe? Have we become too soft and trusting? Is our entire political system so completely broke that our new President has to ask the military to protect us from the evil folks out there?


Why is it called Good Friday again today? It is hard to find a non-evil government entity that would even think of making such a designation. Apparently the evil does seem to run the show. But who will be standing up for us? Will we ever regain our sense of security and liberty? Please consider all this in 2020.