Why Fox News canceled Lou Dobbs

Dobbs was the highest-rated host on Fox Company. He frequently doubled his lead-in’s scores.

Although Fox isn’t stating, the timing of Dobbs’ cancellation Friday seems no coincidence: It occurred 24 hr after Dobbs and Fox were called in a $2.7 billion character assassination claim submitted by voting innovation business Smartmatic.

Fox might see Dobbs as an appropriate sacrificial lamb.

NPR media reporter David Folkenflik stated on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday that the network’s choice to cancel Dobbs’ program advises him of the method Rupert Murdoch’s news tabloids in London managed their phone-hacking scandals about a years back.

“They would throw somebody over the side and see if that was enough,” he stated. “This is an effort to cauterize the wound to distance Fox from this feverish conspiracy theory.”

Murdoch’s media business News Corp. dealt with a series of scandals, starting in 2005, after reporters at British papers were implicated of hacking into the phones of stars, legislators, royalty, murder victims and other figures in the news. As suits rolled in, Murdoch tried to put out a series of fires, releasing an apology for phone hacking through complete page advertisements in 7 nationwide papers in 2011.
Now Murdoch is trying to put out the fires that were connected to Lou Dobbs and his pro-Trump rhetoric. “Lou Dobbs Tonight” is off the air, efficient instantly, a Fox representative validated Friday, and an interim program will take Dobbs’ location beginning Monday.

However Dobbs wasn’t the only one upholding conspiracy theories on air. Jeanine Pirro and Maria Bartiromo, who were likewise called in the Smartmatic claim, stay on Fox.

“Dobbs is going away. That’s one show on one channel. There are many other shows like him,” CNN’s Chief Media Reporter Brian Stelter stated on “Reliable Sources.” “There is no sign that Fox is moving toward the center, back to the kind of centrist, reality-based middle. No sign of that at all. Dobbs seems like an anomaly.”

Need for programs like Lou Dobbs’ stays high, Stelter kept in mind. So why cut ties with Dobbs and not another host?

“I think he was partly dismissed just ’cause management had enough of him,” Stelter stated. “They were just tired of his BS. But they’ve got a lot of other people there selling the same story.”

Driven by “truthiness and intuition” networks like Fox “cloak themselves” in the flexibility of speech supplied by the very first change, University of Delaware teacher Dr. Danna Young informed Stelter. “Lawsuits have a way of forcing people and entities to reckon with empirical fact and reality,” she stated.

However sources at Fox suggested that the Smartmatic claim was simply one consider the choice to cancel Dobbs’ program. His weak efficiency with marketers was likewise a substantial aspect, one source stated.

Dobbs was among Trump’s most singing on-air fans, which kept his program’s scores high.

Folkenflik states Fox is being led by its audiences today. “It doesn’t have a clear sense of how it wants to operate in the post-Trump world when Trump still commands so much loyalty from his core viewers,” he stated.

— CNN Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy added to this report.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.