Why didn’t Nintendo announce the New Nintendo Switch Pro at E3 2021?

Some Nintendo fans and market watchers left from Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct astonished that the business didn’t present a brand-new Nintendo Change design, which has actually been greatly reported and reported for the much better part of a year. Simple weeks prior to E3 2021 began, Bloomberg reported that we might see the brand-new 4K-ready “Switch Pro,” as some are calling it, prior to June 12 “to allow publishers to showcase their full range of Switch games.”

Nintendo didn’t do that, naturally, due to the fact that Nintendo understands much better than to display its next significant hardware release at E3. The business appears to have actually discovered that lesson a long time back, in the wake of the devastating E3 2012 expose of the Wii U and the E3 2010 expose of the Nintendo 3DS, which stumbled out of eviction so severely that Nintendo slashed the cost of the portable a couple of months after launch.

E3 2012 was the last time Nintendo held a standard interview at the video gaming market exposition — the kind of discussion where executives base on a phase and hold up a computer game console for the very first time. Nintendo has actually held virtual discussions, both packaged Nintendo Direct videos and Treehouse Live streams, at E3s given that.

Hardware exposes haven’t become part of Nintendo’s E3 prepare for almost a years now. Rather, Nintendo has actually typically followed E3 with small to significant hardware statements weeks or months later on. It revealed the Nintendo 2DS in August 2013; the New Nintendo 3DS in August 2014; the NES Classic in July 2016; the Super NES Classic in June 2017 (after E3); and the Nintendo Change Lite in July 2019. The initial Nintendo Change was exposed in October 2016, a comfy range from that year’s E3, a program that typically occurs in June.

It’s simple to see why Nintendo keeps its hardware statements different from E3 appropriate (and other computer game occasions like Gamescom and Tokyo Video Game Program). New hardware suggests a more intricate formula for upcoming video games. Fans will inevitably question how the brand-new Legend of Zelda video game will operate on a 4K-capable Nintendo Change (or what the brand-new Mario + Rabbids video game will appear like on existing Change hardware). Rather of concentrating on the video games, Nintendo would be required to muddle its message, getting slowed down with conversation about frame rates, resolution, and other technical nitpicks.

All of which is to state that if the Nintendo Change Pro (or New Nintendo Change, in keeping with Nintendo’s hardware modification calling design) does exist, and if the business prepares to reveal it this year, a statement might be impending. And we’ll all have the ability to concentrate on what the next Nintendo Change does without the interruption of a brand-new Metroid video game.

Nintendo has a constant record of launching brand-new hardware every year, consisting of unforeseen physical items fresh Video game & Watch handhelds, Nintendo Labo, and Super Mario Lego sets, and all indications indicate the business doing so in 2021 also. Fans might simply need to wait a little longer.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.