Why Bruce Boudreau loved coaching in outdoor games

Why Bruce Boudreau enjoyed training in outside video games initially appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Bruce Boudreau may be among the only coaches in NHL history that has actually coached an outside video game on a 70 degree day.

In 2014, Boudreau’s Ducks dealt with the LA Kings in the NHL’s Arena Series at Dodger Arena in Los Angeles. The Ducks won 3-0.

With the NHL set to play 2 outside video games at Lake Tahoe this weekend, it was a good time to bear in mind for the previous Capitals’ coach — who discussed his memories on Capitals Pregame Live.

“It was the Ducks against the Kings and both teams were really good,” Boudreau remembered. “I think in the end, we lost in the playoffs in seven games — they went on to win the Cup. It was a very important divisional game, we didn’t take it as a game that was just a novelty item, we were out there playing like we had to win this game. The physicality really showed through.” 

Boudreau likewise coached the Capitals in a 3-1 win over the Penguins in the 2011 Winter season Classic versus the Pittsburgh Penguins. That video game was postponed due to rain, however the weather condition was definitely various in Pittsburgh that night than in Los Angeles. 

“I think the look on everybody’s face was, ‘Yeah, we’re outside and it’s 70 degree weather and it’s fabulous, but we’ve got to win this game,’” Boudreau stated. “We played it as if it was just like that. It was a tremendous experience and I loved it. I love all these outdoor games.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.