Why Andy Reid hopes Eric Bieniemy lands Eagles, not Texans, head coach job

Why Andy Reid hopes Bieniemy lands Eagles job, not Texans initially appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Eagles’ head training search is treking on, and in spite of loud buzz surrounding a specific prospect, an end does not appear to be impending.

And if you ask a previous Eagles training legend, the group hasn’t even interviewed their finest choice yet.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked about his offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy, and Bieniemy’s candidacy for the last two head coach openings, in Philly and with the Texans.

Reid has a long relationship with Bieniemy, dating back more than two decades. Bieniemy played for Reid with the Eagles in 1999 as a running back, and has been on Reid’s training staff since Reid was hired in Kansas City in 2013, spending five years as running backs coach and three years as offending planner.

So Reid is as good a person as any to ask about Bieniemy’s potential as a coach, and his answer was pretty interesting – particularly for Eagles fans:

“I mean everybody knows what I think of Eric and what kind of head coach I think he’d be,” Reid said. “Maybe the best I think I can tell you is I hope he goes to the NFC when he has that opportunity. Whoever gets him, I think is a very lucky organization, one of the few people that I’ve come across with the leadership skills that he has, the ability to lead men in this crazy game that we’re in and for those guys through his leadership to play at a Pro Bowl level.

“When he gets his hands on you, figuratively, he does wonders with athletes, and he’s able to maximize their abilities on the field and he gives them that extra boost to be a productive person off the field and somebody I would have loved for my son to have bet.”

Hopes he goes to the NFC, eh? Well, there are two job openings left, and only one is in the NFC: the Eagles job. So Big Red would like to see Bieniemy in midnight green… if only because he wouldn’t have to face him but once every four years.

That’s why Reid wants Bieniemy in the NFC. He doesn’t want to face a guy he views as a talented football mind, and also as a good friend.

Now, it’s important to note that, as of Tuesday, Bieniemy doesn’t seem to be a prime candidate for the Eagles job. 

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Dave Zangaro said the team still has an interview request in for Bieniemy, who is able to interview virtually as he did Monday with Houston, but the interview hasn’t been scheduled:

It feels like Bieniemy has a better chance of landing the Texans job than the Eagles job right now, but if something about Josh McDaniels feels off, and then Bieniemy finally has his interview with the Birds’ front office, don’t rule it out.

He already has the backing of one Eagles giant in Reid.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.