Who will play James Bond after Daniel Craig?

It’s tough to go over No Time At All to Pass Away, Eon Productions’ 25th James Bond movie, without enormous spoilers. Some things take place that will essentially alter the method you take a look at the character and the franchise. No, he doesn’t transfer to Seattle and begin a grocery co-op, however it’s close.

What we can state for sure is that Daniel Craig has lastly, formally abandoned the function of 007. As these movies constantly assure, “James Bond Will Return” — however as who? Will it be another white man? Can Eon take another huge threat and cast an individual of color or a female? Or will they keep the status quo and discover a man who kinda sorta imitates Daniel Craig?

On today’s Galaxy Brains, unique visitor co-host Jon Gabrus and I are signed up with by comic and Bond fan Paul F. Tompkins to discuss our love of the British superspy and hypothesize on who’s next in line to enter the Aston Martin DB5.

As constantly, this discussion has actually been modified to sound less strange.

Dave: Who is the next James Bond and is it Kumail Nanjiani?

Paul: I will state this. They’re never ever, ever going to let somebody play James Bond who does not have a native British accent. They’re never ever going to let someone who is not born in the UK ever play James Bond.

Jon: I support that guideline. I don’t care about race, creed, color, gender, any of that. However I believe you’ve got to have a native British accent. It’s the only rule. I’m with you on that.

Paul: But see, I believe it’s kind of unfair. We’ve had an English Superman. That’s fucked up.

Dave: It always goes the other way, doesn’t it?

Paul: Yeah, exactly.

Dave: I understand and I agree with you that James Bond should be British, but George Lazenby is from Australia. He was Australian and we know that accent sounds like death and it should not be James Bond. I don’t have a problem with the Australian people. I have a problem with their accent and possibly being James Bond. It just doesn’t work for me.

Paul: Was he not doing a British accent or an English accent?

Dave: He tried. He definitely tried out an English accent for James Bond.

Paul: My wife and I were saying this afterwards like, it can’t be Idris Elba. He’s already too old. Like the way they make these movies. Now you’ve got to get somebody who is 40 at the oldest.

John: I believe Hollywood 40, which is like, culturally 28.

Dave: Daniel Craig was dragging ass after Spectre to the point where he was saying “I would rather slit my wrists than do another one of these movies.”

Jon: Well, he’s straight up like, “the stunts are hard now.” And that’s the most relatable shit in the world! He’s like, “Dude, I just did Knives Out. I was sitting in his sweater and riffing with all the best actors of my generation.”

Dave: If you look at behind the scenes photos of Roger Moore making Moonraker, he’d sit there smoking a cigar, eating a turkey sandwich. He doesn’t have to do anything.

Paul: I think he’s in the background of some of the stunt scenes.

Jon: “Well, that was the one set up we had money for.” Who do we want then? Who would we be stoked to see as James Bond if we’re following our own rules of British accents? I mean, it would be badass to see Michaela Coel from I May Destroy You.

Paul: Wow.

Dave: Yes.

Jon: I was trying to think of someone who would be surprising to dress them up and become badass and also is British and has some juice that people would want to see in the movie. So that’s where my brain landed.

Paul: That’s the thing now is it has to be somebody that is a known quantity, like the days of “we did a nationwide talent search.” That’s over. It’s got to be somebody who makes you say, “Oh, I like that person.”

Jon: I didn’t think of this until you said it before. The age has to be right because they’re signing on for 12 years of movies, maybe.

Dave: And all the press, and you got to stay in shape, and you can’t be seen in sweatpants. Dev Patel has been bandied about quite a bit. Dev is incredibly handsome. Everybody loves him. Everybody finds him to be sexy and cool. I don’t know if you guys saw The Green Knight, but that was a movie where he just had this type of lived in gravitas and sexual magnetism, carrying a sword and doing all that cool stuff. I think he would be really meaningful even more than a Black James Bond. To have a South Asian James Bond? Because of the history of British colonialism. So I think Dev Patel would be awesome and would be able to do all the things that you need and it would really send a signal to individuals in the UK.

Jon: And journalism around Dev Patel getting yoked or hand-to-hand combat training or whatever. You understand, there’s going to be a lots of Instagram thirst and shit towards him — originating from yours really also.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.