Who is Samantha Samsung, the currently popular online character?

Samsung remains in the news for an unanticipated factor — everybody wishes to smooch a brand-new mascot character that was produced for the brand name. A style company called Lightfarm produced these images with a marketing business owned by Samsung, however the end product was never ever included into any sort of project. Rather, the images were saved on the Lightfarm website for a long time till the business erased the post.

Now Samantha Samsung survives on, thanks to an abrupt burst of appeal over the long weekend. She’s a bright-eyed, perky girl who likes jamming to tunes on her Samsung phone, searching apps, and texting buddies. She’s likewise the brand-new love interest of apparently the whole web, which ended up being enamored with her over night.

Through the long weekend, the web produced a lot of Samsung material. Much of it is not safe for work; the “rule34” subreddit is definitely flooded with smutty Samantha material. She’s likewise removing on TikTok. It is a truly attractive character design, like a Personality character gone through a Pixar style, so it’s not a total surprise that she’s popular.

Samsung currently has a Siri and Alexa equivalent; their phones come geared up with Bixby. It’s possible that Samantha is removing since we never ever in fact need to live with her, or see her trotted out for limitless viral marketing projects. We will never ever need to inform Samantha Samsung “Silence, brand,” and she will never ever turn up with some note from your phone. Or perhaps it’s simply another case of the web ending up being unexpectedly consumed with a female character to the point where it controls the zeitgeist — it wouldn’t be the very first time.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.