Who Is Our President, Not Donald Trump

Has anybody really considered that Donald Trump is being “dishonest” about his poll numbers? After all, we’ve all heard that politicians always say they’re up, but that’s because they want you to believe that. It’s a useful con for them but not one that will stick in the mind of an average voter.

Since so many voters have yet to register, it’s no wonder that the “birther” theory is only popular in Florida and Arizona, two states where voter registration is still low. If you’re in either of those states, perhaps you’d like to consider something else.

Consider this: Since so many people didn’t turn out in previous elections, maybe it’s time to start considering something else. Something far more long-term, something with far more consequences. If all those people don’t vote this year, perhaps we won’t have to worry about Donald Trump as president.

In fact, we’ll have to move on from here, to a term limit. Something that doesn’t put him in office, but rather strips him of office. Something where he never has to worry about losing his current job. Something where he doesn’t have to worry about being fired, because no other man can ever replace him.

Of course, when those news stories come out saying that he’s becoming a “serious candidate,” it seems that he’ll respond by making some calls about whether or not it’s true. Does he really intend to run?

Well, let me tell you something about a long-term solution to our current problem. Not all of us in Washington D.C. would be happy with someone having this much power over our government. Not even close.

Why? Because they believe it’s their position that creates problems and wastes our time. They see a bunch of Americans looking for change, but they’ve been in control of our government for so long that they can’t see that there might be a better way.

But the American people don’t live in a bubble. There are people outside the bubble that see things differently, but they too are crying out for change.

They’re going to keep asking questions until we get rid of that nonsense that’s in place now. Now is the time for us to solve this problem.

Let’s not make it any worse by giving this man the reins of our government again. Rather, let’s elect another person that won’t run again.

If you aren’t going to run again, then get behind a very good running mate that will be able to lead our country during that presidential election. Make sure they can get along with the rest of the ticket and get them to do what’s best for the country.

Don’t you deserve that much? This is your country, and if we’re not running it well, why should anyone else? Think on this.