White Shadows Is Now Available For Xbox Series X|S

White Shadows is a cinematic puzzle-platformer where you play as a little Ravengirl attempting to leave a ruthless dystopia based on injustice and violence that puts her at the bottom of its hierarchical social ladder.

Made up of a large network of towers increasing from deep space of post-catastrophe darkness into the sky above, the city our young traveler looks for to leave is an unsafe location to be. She will need to discover methods to prevent the teeth of equipment primed to grind her into dust, leap throughout weak facilities that bridges the spacious darkness all around and prevent the careful eyes of guards prepared to weapon her down. She will take a trip to the city’s brightest highs and dive to its darkest depths on her journey, finding her fate amongst the last complimentary individuals alive.

White Shadows’ striking architectural kinds and spectacular monochrome art design integrate to produce a location soaked in environment. It’s a world where the lies of the elite are plastered throughout its walls, where twisted kinds of home entertainment are utilized to keep everybody in their location, and where hope appears in brief supply.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.