White Lives Matter Movement Infiltrated and Turned Into A Dumpster Fire

According to dripped chat messages, Antifa penetrated white lives matter and turned the racist motion into a dumpster fire.

Vice reported on the dripped chats:

On Thursday, the administrators of the “White Lives Matter” channels for Seattle and New Jersey all of a sudden altered their avatar to an Antifa flag and exposed themselves to be a “honeypot,” produced to attract extremists and obtain info about them. The “NYC White Lives Matter” channel did the same.

This marks yet another significant obstacle for the White Lives Matter motion, which started arranging “The March for White Lives” on the encrypted messaging platform last month. Because revealing the IRL rallies, the motion has actually been pestered with fear, intrigue, and infighting—along with a basic absence of interest from potential guests. What’s more, VICE News has actually acquired dripped chats from a personal White Lives Matter admin channel, recommending that Antifa seepage at the greatest levels was even worse than organizers believed.

White Lives Matter has actually been attempting to sterilize and stabilize their image to interest the MAGA crowd, however at its heart is it stays a white nationalist motion whose foundation is comprised of white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Trump is gone, however the white nationalist motion that he allowed and empowered is still going on. Tucker Carlson is their traditional media lighthouse of white supremacy on Fox News. The Antifa seepage produced mass turmoil and exposed the divide in between the white supremacists attempting to handle their optics and the neo-Nazis.

White Lives Matter was preparing a series of rallies for Sunday, however the whole motion remains in chaos due to the fact that without a white power president in the Oval Workplace, the racists are being penetrated, exposed, and ruined from within.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.