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Where to Find Ruffians in Destiny 2, Answered

Want to know where to find Ruffians in Destiny 2? In addition to ranking up and having fun in Destiny 2, players are encouraged to participate in weekly challenges to farm triumphs. Season’s Scallywag Seal features quite a few unique triumphs, and Robber Baron is just one of them. But to get it, players must work hard and play a lot to find and kill the Ruffians. Our guide will help you with this and tell you where to find Ruffians in Destiny 2.

Where to Find Ruffians in Destiny 2

To find Ruffians in Destiny 2, you must first go to the Expedition activity. And to get there, you need to go through HELM at the Tower. But to be able to find, or more specifically, spawn Ruffians, you need to do one more thing:

  • Your group must run the activity within three minutes. It’s not a complicated process, so you’ll probably be able to do it without a problem.
  • Depending on the expedition you visit, you can spawn Unstoppable Ruffians or Overload Ruffians.
  • You can only summon up to four Ruffians in a single match. At the same time, you can only spawn 2 Ruffians with 100%. The spawn chance of the remaining Ruffians is based on RNG.

To get the Robber Baron triumph, you must kill 50 Ruffians, so on average, you must complete 13 expeditions. But it is worth noting these statistics are based on if you play with your team and whether each player knows what to do. You will need much more attempts to get this triumph in random matchmaking. But if you play quite a few games, then you can do it.


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This feature somewhat limits players who play alone. And as follows from the developer’s comments, they do not plan to change anything so far. So you have to put up with it and follow the rules. Find a team or play with random players, and sooner or later, you will get the coveted trophy. Alternatively, you can try to do this in a single player, but we strongly discourage it.

Destiny 2 is available on PCPlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

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