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Where to Find All Warmind Nodes

Back during the Warmind expansion of Destiny 2, players had to use Resonate Stems to create Override Frequencies and use them to open Sleeper Nodes scattered across Mars. With Season 19 being about the restoration of Rasputin, Sleeper Nodes have been brought back and are now called Warmind Nodes.

Unlike their Year 1 counterparts, there are only 16 Warmind Nodes, and they are scattered across three destinations. Six are on Europa, Six are on the Moon, and the remaining four are in a location that is currently not available at this time. Here is where all the Warmind Nodes can be found and opened.


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How to Open Warmind Nodes


Before getting started, Destiny 2 players will want to make sure to have stocked up on Resonate Stems. Without these, players will not be able to create Override Frequencies. For each Warmind Node, players will need to gather four Resonate Stems to create an Override Frequency. Which Override Frequency that is created by this process is entirely random, but it will give players a hint as to where to find the Warmind Node.

All Warmind Nodes on the Moon


On the Moon, there is one Warmind Node at Sanctuary, two at Archer’s Line, one at the Hellmouth, one at Sorrow’s Harbor, and one at the Anchor of Light. While players can easily stumble upon these Warmind Nodes as they explore, they will not be able to open them until they have the matching Override Frequency. When Destiny 2 players are close to the Warmind Node that they have an Override Frequency for, music will start playing, and a visual effect will appear on the screen.

The Warmind Node at Sanctuary can be found behind where Eris Morn is standing. Jump off the ledge, and it will be on the edge overlooking the chasm. The first Warmind Node in Archer’s Line can be found on the catwalk of the ruined dome shaped building. To find the second Warmind Node in Archer’s Line, follow the large crack across the area. If Destiny 2 players have the Override Frequency for this Warmind Node, they will know they are close when the visual effect appears. Drop down and the Warmind Node will be right there.


The Warmind Node at the Anchor of Light can be found inside the round building that is at an angle. The Warmind Node in the Hellmouth is a little trickier to find, as it is pretty well hidden and this area of the Moon has lots of small alcoves and caverns. Use the Landing Zone in Sorrow’s Harbor and then turn around to go back to the Hellmouth. Keep going and rather than moving toward the Hive structure, jump down and follow the path to reach the Warmind Node.

The final Warmind Node is located at Sorrow’s Harbor. Underneath the stairs that lead to the Scarlet Keep, there is a small passage on the right that will lead to the Warmind Node.

All Warmind Nodes on Europa


Of the six Warmind Nodes on Europa, two are in non-combat zones. The one in Charon’s Crossing can easily be found by dropping off the ledge directly across from where Variks is. The Warmind Node in Beyond takes some time to get to. After arriving at the camp, turn right and follow the path depicted on the in-game map and follow it to the area where the opening mission for Beyond Light started. This is where the Warmind Node can be found.


There is one Warmind Node in Asterion Abyss. Near the back of the large Vex structure in this area, look for a small area where there is a gap between the ice and the wall. The Warmind Node will be in this space. To find the Warmind Node in Camdus Ridge, enter the area by going through Charon’s Crossing. Soon after arriving at Camdus Ride, look to the left for a narrow ledge to walk across. Follow that ledge to reach the Warmind Node.

Eventide Ruins has two Warmind Nodes. The first is in the dome that is partially buried in snow on a catwalk. The second Warmind Node is hidden away in a small cave on the side of the cliff nearby the Landing Zone for Eventide Ruins. Move to the right and go down to find the cave where the Warmind Node is.

All Warmind Nodes on Seraph Station

The final four Warmind Nodes are in a place called Seraph Station. Currently, this area is inaccessible. This guide will be updated once the four Warmind Nodes here are obtainable later on in Season of the Seraph.

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