‘Where is all this hostility coming from?’

LAS VEGAS – Adrian Yanez confesses he was a little shocked to hear some extremely strong pre-fight talk from Gustavo Lopez at Wednesday’s media day at the UFC Pinnacle.

While Yanez has actually opened his UFC run in outstanding style, Lopez identified the buzz as baseless and guaranteed to end all of it at Saturday’s UFC on ESPN 21 occasion, which airs on ESPN following prelims on ESPN2.

While he was a little surprised by Lopez’s claim that he hasn’t combated leading competitors right now, Yanez stated he didn’t take it individual.

“At first, I was just a little bit shocked, like, ‘Where is all this hostility coming from?’” Yanez informed press reporters, consisting of Mixed Martial Arts Addict. “Every single time I’m talking about him in an interview, it’s like, ‘Oh, he’s a tough fighter,’ but people have to get themselves fired up. Honestly and truly, I do respect the guy.”

Yanez (12-3 Mixed Martial Arts, 1-0 UFC) and Lopez (12-5 Mixed Martial Arts, 1-1 UFC) fulfill in a bantamweight clash on Saturday’s primary card. Both are early in their UFC professions, however Yanez stated he makes a practice of searching all possible challengers and stated he’s been impressed by Lopez’s profession so far. Nevertheless, he likewise cautions about sending out a message that Yanez hasn’t combated anyone noteworthy yet, since Lopez might wind up as part of that list soon.


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“I’ve been watching him for a very good time,” Yanez stated. “He’s a tough guy. I know he was up here just kind of being very like – he was real fired up, and I get it. Sometimes you have to get like that if you’re fighting, and you’re a fighter, of course, but me, I’m cool, calm and I’m very collected. I think before I speak, and it’s going to bite him in the mouth.

“When he goes in there like, ‘Who has he fought? Who has he fought?’ Like, OK, once I knock you out, everybody is going to be like, ‘Well who have you fought?’”

In the end, a little pre-fight competition never ever appears to be a bad thing, maybe even specifically when it’s a little unanticipated. However Yanez stated it doesn’t actually trouble him too awfully much. Sure, there’s some hype around his career after securing a “Performance of the Night” bonus in his UFC debit, but Yanez stated that doesn’t change anything about has to be done each and every time he steps in the cage.

“He’s reading too much into it,” Yanez stated. “All this can be gone one day, so look, enjoy it while you’re here. You’re getting fired up over people’s opinions. We’re going to go out there at the end of the day, and we’re still going to have to fight, so it doesn’t matter to me whether I’ve got the hype or not.”

To see the complete schedule with Yanez, take a look at the video above.


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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.