Where does Doom go next?

The Doom Slayer’s legend will pertain to an end when id Software application and Bethesda Softworks release The Ancient Gods — Sequel, the 2nd growth for Doom Eternal, on March 18. While that story has actually currently offered some quite wild weaves throughout 2 video games and the downloadable material, the most significant concern will quickly be what follows, and how carefully it’s connected to this variation of Doom’s universe.

In an interview with Polygon, Doom Eternal video game director Hugo Martin compared it to various directors handling adjustments of comics characters. There were the initial Doom video games, then the horror-heavy Doom 3, followed by the go back to a more action-oriented take on the series in Doom (2016), and now Doom Eternal and its 2 story-driven add-ons. If each of those periods in Doom’s history resembled Batman under the care of Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, or Zack Snyder, the next video game id Software application releases in the franchise will likely continue under the very same umbrella as this existing series.

“While this is the end of the story arc that began in Doom (2016), we planted a lot of stakes in the ground with that story,” Martin informed Polygon. “And we’ve been able to flesh out a lot of those things throughout the course of [Doom Eternal] and to do two DLCs. So that story arc will end, you know, from the time you woke up in the sarcophagus to the end of the DLC, but there are more stories to tell with the Doom Slayer, for sure.”

Know what you are, see where you’re going

This is a procedure that’s been going on considering that the development of Doom 3: How do you keep a franchise with this much history alive and fresh for a mainstream audience? How do you handle what gamers anticipate out of a contemporary video game along with what fans of the initial video games keep in mind about them that made them initially fall in love with Doom? It’s a substantial obstacle, however the designers state they’re improving at it.

The Doom Slayer stands in front of a huge defensive wall

Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks

“Those conversations were hours, days, you know, where we would debate what is Doom, what isn’t Doom, what feels like Doom, and what doesn’t feel like Doom?” stated Marty Stratton, Doom Eternal’s executive manufacturer, in explaining the making of 2016’s Doom. “It kind of feels almost silly now to think back about some of those things. Because it was such an intense time of, like, we’re trying to reinvent something that has been out of the spotlight for a long time, but does mean so much to so many people. So those conversations were very long.”

The most essential elements of Doom are simple to sum up, if not carry out: Doom is quickly, and Doom is mean. The video game ought to press you to constantly progress, constantly bring the attack to your opponents, and do whatever you can to end up being more effective. The discussions about what does and doesn’t suit that values may have used up a great deal of time in the past, however specifying what makes the franchise so great was a beneficial venture, and it continues to settle.

“I think those conversations are much, much shorter now,” Stratton stated.

Often, however, they do get it incorrect. Martin stated that the crouch function in Doom (2016), a button press that made you smaller sized, wasn’t Doom. If you have an issue in Doom, the response ought to usually be performing at it, attempting to eliminate it, and, if possible, getting back at larger, not decreasing your own size.

“You feel liberated when you play Doom, like, I need armor, I will set you on fire right now and saw you in half and take what I need. I will not wait behind that rock for those things to just slowly regenerate,” Martin discussed. “I need it. Now I take it.

A video game about how you must constantly strongly take what you require may sound undesirable, even awful — which is why Doom needs to strike the best tone.

“There’s an aspect of Doom that it looks like it was concepted with a ballpoint pen in 1985 on the back of someone’s notebook in math class,” Martin stated. “I mean, there is this juvenile quality to everything in Doom. And I think it is critical […] to make it all fit, I do think that tone is critical.” As Martin mentioned, this is a series where the hero canonically has an animal bunny called Daisy.

A huge demon wearing powered armor attacks the Doom Slayer

Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks

Fortunately is that the group at id Software application appears to have actually discovered the best instructions for the franchise, as evidenced by the information the designers gathered about the variety of individuals who played and beat Doom Eternal. While the video game presented a great deal of motion choices and battle systems that all needed to work together, gamers didn’t appear to discover it too challenging or complex. In reality, Doom Eternal appears to have connected gamers in an even much deeper method than its predecessor did.

“One of the things that went up was our completion percentage,” stated Martin. “The completion percentage, while good on [2016’s Doom], wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be. So that went up, you know, by a very solid margin, which shows that your systems […] grabbed [players], took them along, and there was a good third act to the game that kept them engaged.”

It might look like the Doom series is running under numerous restraints, however its existing setting still provides a variety of locations for future video games to check out, according to Martin.

“Could we tell a story about when [the Doom Slayer] first came to that place with the Sentinels, almost like a more medieval setting, a fantasy setting?” Martin asked. “I think as you play the DLC, too, you’ll see lots of hints of what we could do moving forward. Maybe even in the future. Again, our hero is somewhat timeless — I mean, literally, he’s immortal. So we could tell all kinds of stories.”

What follows?

While The Ancient Gods — Sequel might bring closure to the story that started in 2016’s Doom, it’s going to leave a universe in which numerous things are possible, as long as the designers don’t misplace the factors individuals play Doom video games: the excessive violence and gore, the winking self-seriousness combined with a little camp, and the total faith that the very best defense is an excellent offense. Martin sounded nearly intoxicated with possibilities throughout our call.

“It’s as if Sam Raimi was given a Transformers budget to go make a sequel to The Evil Dead — that’s what Doom feels like, to us,” stated Martin.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.