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I like seeing individuals combat. In animation, staged contests, virtual contests, and in some cases, genuine contests. However there become part of battling culture that trouble me, and I’m still attempting to unload them. Martial arts is a huge, ancient, awesome thing, but its most public gatekeepers encourage men to act… not cool.

I wanted to make a video where I examined those macho ideals by surveying all the battling video game men who didn’t fit the hyper-masculine mold. Necro, Lee Chaolan, Faust, Belial— the list goes on. However no matter where my research study took me, I constantly got drawn back to an unavoidable, particular figure, and the contradictions he embodies.


Bandai Namco

What. Is up. With Voldo?

He’s haunted us given that he initially twitched into our lives in 1995. Whatever about him is incredibly elusive, slippery, tough to select: I indicate his character, and his fight tactical plan, and factors for existing.

Click the video up leading to join me on a journey of discovery that swerves through gay cyclist clubs, heavy metal legends, and battling ballerinas.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.