What to watch: TV’s ultimate design duos. Plus, ‘The Walking Dead’ returns

Let’s spring into today’s TELEVISION OT.

The house enhancement programs boom might have begun with the similarity the Residential or commercial property Brothers and shiplap sages Chip and Joanna Gaines, however there appears to be more deals with than ever who are intending to be the next kings and queens of restoration country. The concern: Exists any set worthwhile of unseating our ruling style duos?

Considering that an excellent ole style cage match appears out of the concern, we’ll need to discuss this like civilized individuals with some completely unscientific rankings unilaterally chosen by somebody whose style visual is finest referred to as “this slightly broken thing I found at Home Goods.” So, a professional.


  • This is not an extensive list because not every style duo on TELEVISION is noted, and I have actually not seen every episode of the programs included listed below. Who has that type of time? I have actually picked the approximate number 8.
  • This list just consists of individuals who appear on programs as a duo, which is why you do not see my precious Bobby Berk on this list.
  • Power rankings subject to alter whenever I seem like it, and nobody’s look on this list ought to be thought about a recommendation of them personally. (You never ever understand who’s going to be bothersome next.)
8) Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack (“Flip or Flop”) – Different the art from the artist, some individuals state. Those individuals are not me. The rankings for this long-running program may suggest individuals are extremely into translating the drama in between these exes on screen and to each their own. Me? Checking out harmful habits off-screen makes me unfortunate, and I see these programs to lean into a pleased escape. I much choose Haack’s solo program.
7) Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E. Laine (“Good Bones”) – This mother-daughter duo tend to remake smaller sized houses — rather than Southern mini-mansions — and I so value that. Small demotion on this list for periodic doubtful style options. They when utilized a lot of mismatched doors as a wall and the outcome was more “Monsters Inc.” than trendy.

6) Ben and Erin Napier (“Home Town”) – I want this sweet-seeming, rustic set were my next-door neighbors — however they would not always be my option renovators. Our designs simply do not compare, which’s ok. I simply keep in mind an episode made me so angry, I looked it up later on online, screengrabbed all the important things that irritated me (e.g a white spray-painted wrought iron chandelier) and texted them to my siblings. (Plainly, this Petty LaBelle was consuming a hater-ade mixed drink that night.) Look, I am not constantly my finest self.

5) Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis (“Unsellable Houses”) – Thanks to my mommy for advising me this program exists, and we enjoy it. I undoubtedly have not enjoyed this set as much as I have actually seen some the others, however what I have actually seen, I liked. They have a great deal of variety in their design offerings.

4) Jonathan and Drew Scott (“Property Brothers,” “Celebrity I.O.U.”) – It’s difficult to rank these house enhancement OGs any lower than this due to the fact that you should appreciate those who assisted develop a category. That stated, among my animal peeves is when houses for households are styled with furnishings that is not household friendly — things with sharp corners or impossible-to-clean textures. (Enjoy your suede sofa for the 5 minutes it’ll be tidy.) It simply sets everybody up for dissatisfaction. In some cases, these well-meaning men miss out on the information.

April Brown and Sarah Sklash from "Motel Makeover" assess the work ahead in an episode of the Netflix show.

3) April Brown and Sarah Sklash (“Motel Makeover”) – These women aren’t remaking houses on their brand-new Netflix series however my guess it’s just a matter of time till the females I’m now calling the Terracotta Motel Warriors (when you see, you’ll comprehend why) get in that stage. This program, premiering August 25, follows them as they put life back into a motel — just like they did with their incredibly popular June Motel — utilizing neon indications, sundown paint colors and a great deal of grit as the compete with the start of the pandemic. I saw it one sitting and can’t wish to see more from these female business owners. Likewise, somebody requires to instantly greenlight a spin-off with their man-of-few-words specialist, Rick, who is subtle funny. (Among the very best lines was his evaluation of his first-ever glass of rosé. “That’s freakin’ horrible.”)

2) Dave and Jenny Marrs (“Fixer to Fabulous”) – Absolutely nothing eliminates me more than when renovators take an older home with character and turn it into an all-white asylum. This couple does an excellent job of keeping the distinct elements of older houses undamaged while refurbishing, and my gut informs me they’d do a lot more if they didn’t typically have modern-leaning customers to solution to.

1) Chip and Joanna Gaines (Magnolia Network) – Did you truly believe I was going to unseat the king and queen of aspirational street? Never ever. Yes, I’m as over the contemporary farmhouse appearance as everybody else, however if you have actually enjoyed their brand-new program, “Fixer Upper: Welcome Home,” you’d understand this set has actually developed a lot because that 2017 repeat you saw recently. The brand name appears to have actually gotten in a brand-new age that patterns far from the grey boxes and plays a lot more with textures and tones. Oh, however this age still has shiplap. You gotta have shiplap.

A ‘Dead’ stop? Not so quick

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in 'The Walking Dead.'

CNN’s Brian Lowry has a dispatch on the last season of “The Walking Dead.” He reports:

“‘The Walking Dead’ kicks off its 11th and final season on Sunday, but if you’re thinking about what you’re going to wear to the finale party, don’t fret, there’s still plenty of time.

The super-sized season will actually consist of 24 episodes, offering a long time to build up toward some type of conclusion in 2022, even though it really won’t be, since various spinoffs continue and another one has already been announced by AMC.

The first two episodes don’t exhibit much sense yet of building toward anything major, though they do present a nice mix of the key characters, with much of the tension predicated on the relationship between Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who is pretty convinced that she’ll kill him the first chance she gets.

‘The Walking Dead’ has been such a staple of AMC’s lineup that it’s understandable the network wouldn’t be in any hurry to part with it. Still, for all the hoopla about this being the final season, like the show’s endless supply of zombies, it’s going to be a long, slow shamble toward the exit.”

All hail the King?


For the Stephen King completists, Lowry likewise had this to state on “Chapelwaite”:

“Having watched a seemingly endless stream of Stephen King adaptations — which understandably picked up after ‘It’ — there’s a certain fatigue built into the process. Yet even with that it’s hard to gin up much enthusiasm for ‘Chapelwaite,’ a series based on King’s ‘Jerusalem’s Lot’ premiering Aug. 22 on Epix.

Set in the 1850s, Adrien Brody stars (and also produced the miniseries) as a widowed father of three who moves into the family’s creepy ancestral home, where expectedly creepy things begin to happen.

Exceptionally bleak, the show wins some points for its gothic look and atmosphere. But amid a glut of King adaptations that recently include Apple TV+’s ‘Lisey’s Story,’ and after previewing the first couple hours, if you have the courage for 10 episodes of this, you’re either a really big fan of the author or made of sterner stuff than I am.”

Non-fiction files

Spike Lee

Another from Lowry, who generally has a doctorate in viewing documentaries:

“HBO has essentially given Spike Lee an open lane to riff on New York City and the unfolding crises that it has faced throughout this century in ‘NYC Epicenters 9/11➔2021½,’ a scattered portrait in its first two chapters of the Covid response and the Black Lives Matter movement, featuring interviews with a vast and varied assortment of New York residents. That list includes Mayor Bill de Blasio, who Lee presses about his relationship with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Not surprisingly, Lee — who occasionally provides his own comments, in addition to conducting hundreds of interviews — works in blistering commentary about former President Trump (whom he refers to as ‘Agent Orange’), but Cuomo doesn’t fare much better. The politicos interviewed include former New York governors, among them George Pataki, who refers to the arc of Rudy Giuliani’s career as ‘sad.’

Premiering Sunday, the first two installments are frankly a little all over the place, as Lee tends to do with his documentaries, weaving in a dizzying assortment of (some peripherally related) topics. The third, by contrast, focuses squarely on the Sept. 11 attacks, with the last of the four two-hour chapters to play on the 20th anniversary of those events.”

Paw-somely uplifting

Cesar Millan, seen here attending the premiere party for his new National Geographic series, is back to his old tricks (of teaching tricks) in "Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog."

Today, I tried to treat my “White Lotus” hangover with the actual hair of the canine and saw Cesar Milan’s brand-new program, “Better Human, Better Dog.” In the series Milan — understood to lots of for his old program “Dog Whisperer” — efforts to draw the line in between individuals’s own feelings and problems and their misbehaving family pets.

While confessing that this program weds my 2 preferred topics — canines and myself — I’ll state the series pleases the cravings for something warm and fuzzy in the exact same method “Great British Bake-Off” or “Queer Eye” does. And much like those programs motivate you quickly to attempt something brand-new or much better yourself, this one will do the exact same — although you’ll ultimately return to bribing your unsocialized pandemic pooch with Pringles to act when visitors come by.

Must watch/Will watch

Sandra Oh in 'The Chair.'

It’s a predicament I deal with every weekend so I’m sharing it with you:

I understand I ought to see “The Chair” due to the fact that Twitter is going to be speaking about it and mess up the very best parts for me if I do not zoom through it.

I’ll most likely double function “My Girl” and “My Girl 2,” which I didn’t recognize were now streaming on Netflix, and your woman enjoys an excellent cry.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.