What to Avoid When Looking For Job Search Help

To get the most out of your job search, you need to be very careful about the words you use. In particular, there are a number of buzzwords that you’ll hear when applying for a job or when trying to get a new job.

Many people tend to overuse these terms and think they belong in specific job categories. However, you should be aware that any type of application or resume referencing one of these terms is just asking for trouble.

Different industries use these terms differently. For example, some sectors use the term “customer-service oriented” while others will refer to it as “serving customers.” The use of these terms is completely subjective.

To help you narrow your search, below are seven buzzwords to avoid when applying for a job. You can read on to learn what each of them means and what impact they have on the overall process.

Good reference: This is an important buzzword that means giving a person a high quality service that is quality. If you are being referred to as a good reference, make sure that you meet this standard.

Provide value: This phrase can be used by employers when describing an applicant. It is intended to be an indication that the applicant provides value to the company or business that is hiring.

Create new job opportunities: As you research jobs, try to find out where in the business you will be creating new opportunities. Not all companies need to offer positions in every aspect of their operations.

Purposeful: Some employers use this word to describe applicants who will actively search for a job. This is a pretty broad definition, but the effect is the same – the applicant will be working diligently to find a job and not just submitting an application without doing any follow-up.

Think outside the box: You may hear this word more than you realize. It does not mean that you should submit a resume that has only a few skills listed.

Be innovative: There are many examples of how this word can mean different things in different situations. The main purpose is to assure that the person applying for a job is coming up with new ideas for the position.

Be hands-on: Another buzzword that sound a little odd, but comes across as an actual requirement for most jobs. Whether or not you are called to provide tasks that include handing documents or doing photocopying is up to the job posting.

By taking a little time to stay away from buzzwords, you’ll find that your job search will be much more successful. If you want to avoid these common mistakes, remember that the only way to get into a specific job is to submit a great resume and get passed over. If you need help finding a job Resume Cheetah is the place for you. They can help you get a job and get it fast.