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What Maryland Could Look Like Under Gov. Wes Moore, According to Political Experts – NBC4 Washington

Democrat Wes Moore is projected to become the first Black governor of Maryland, taking the office back from the GOP with a defeat of Republican state Del. Dan Cox, who was supported by former President Donald Trump but not term-limited Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

Moore, a combat veteran and former CEO of one of the nation’s largest anti-poverty organizations, campaigned on creating equal opportunity for Maryland residents.

“He talks about social issues more than he talks about government itself,” said Sunil Dasgupta, a University of Maryland Baltimore County political science professor and host of the “I Hate Politics” podcast. “That’s what he does; that’s what he’s talked about throughout the campaign trail. Why should we not expect that to be what he will actually be like?”

And Moore will have the opportunity to work with a heavily Democratic legislature.

“You believed in a son of an immigrant,” Wes Moore said to supporters after his historic win in Maryland. Moore will become Maryland’s first Black governor, reclaiming the office from the GOP in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1.

“I think it will be interesting to see what Maryland looks like when it’s a unified Democratic government that looks like the promise of diverse representation in that big-tent sort of politics that the Democratic Party has really been trying to have nationally,” said Mileah Kromer, who teaches political science at Goucher College in Towson, Maryland.

The Democrats have a budget surplus to work with, and they have a plan, Dasgupta said.

“They’re going to put some money in the rainy-day fund,” he said. “They’re going to strengthen the state workforce. They’re going to do those kinds of things, and they’re going to fund education.”

Moore supports the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, legislation passed in 2021 that’s intended to improve early childhood and public school education, increasing education funding by billions of dollars yearly over the next decade.

Moore also campaigned on improving the economy and said he believes in supporting and protecting unions in achieving that goal.

In his debate with Cox, he denied any plans to increase taxes.  

After the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down Roe v. Wade this year brought the issue back to states to settle, Moore said, “Abortion is health care.”

“I fully trust women to make this decision with their doctors,” he said in his only debate with Cox.

Moore said wants Maryland to be a safe haven for abortion rights and supports an amendment to Maryland’s constitution making abortion a right.

Abortion rights already are protected under Maryland law, and the General Assembly approved legislation this year to expand access to abortion.

Republican Dan Cox and Democrat Wes Moore faced off in the only debate of the Maryland gubernatorial race.

Moore also said he hopes to ensure affordable care for those with behavioral health, mental health and substance abuse disorders.

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