What Makes Ariana Grande Different from the Thousands of Other Celebrities?

What are the things that make Ariana Grande different than the thousands of other celebrities who could be sold to the public in need? How does a pop star, who claims to love social causes, build an organization that promotes peace, kindness, and respect?

What is the purpose of Saint Louis Rajah? And, what has this global outreach done for her? When did she meet the Sir Ian McKellen, and when did she take him up on his offer to appear in “Les Miserables” (played by Jude Law)?

Grande’s initial response was that she wants to make people smile and bring happiness to the world. She did not feel this was important enough to include in her philanthropic activities and when I spoke with her later, she said she was unaware of any other celebrities who were concerned about issues such as this.

The singer’s charitable work began in earnest when she was a guest on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” The host suggested to Grande that she attend an event honoring an African-American female who had been shot and killed in an automobile accident.

What prompted this presentation by Winfrey was a photo from the tragedy that appeared on the cover of the New York Times, which showed Hillary Clinton on her way to visit the victim’s family. Grande was so moved by the photograph that she wrote to Clinton, asking her to send an official note of condolences.

When asked what made this one event so moving, Grande’s response was that she had been at a dinner at a well-known black restaurant and “seeing Hillary Clinton standing there, that image stayed with me.” “It was too powerful to pass up,” she continued. “It just moved me so much. It was so touching to know how powerful you can be in the face of adversity and how many lives you can touch, in that moment.

“After the Oprah show, I sent a message to Hillary Clinton, that was heartfelt and to the point,” Grande stated. “I told her that I felt like she was doing the right thing, and that if she could do it, anybody could.

“I believe people should help people when they need it,” she added. “I’m always thinking that people are doing the right thing and it just happens to be for a good cause. I know this would be on the list of things I would want to hear.

“It would be wonderful to hear a celebrity who has such incredible powers and abilities like Hillary say that it would be awesome if someone you cared about did something like that,” Grandville said. “I think there is so much more to her than that, but that would be a big inspiration for anybody.

“It was very touching, I’m telling you,” she concluded. Grande indicated that, although she did not wish to speak for Hillary Clinton, she was proud of the African-American female who had become a symbol of hope for others.

Grande’s charity has supported many worthy causes, including supporting scholarships for girls in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Princess Walesha Williams’s scholarship fund. At the Emmys, the “Love You” charity auction raised over a million dollars for the Serena Williams Foundation. A few days after the Emmys, Grande appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Grande is just one of the many celebrities who have found a new calling, a part-time gig, or a new career in the face of the recession. Even the late Margaret Cho has created a successful singing career for herself through entertainment shows, poetry, and novels.