What Introverts and Extroverts Want Post-pandemic

Beck: You people are both really thoughtful and thoughtful. However in a wider sense, do you believe there might be any dispute in between introverts and extroverts in how they wish to approach post-pandemic life?

Wu: I have a lot of friends who are now planning their post-pandemic hooplas—weddings that were postponed or canceled, super-belated birthday parties, graduation parties, all these things that we missed—and I want them to be able to celebrate those things. But I’m also slightly panicking about the 15 weddings I’m going to get invited to in the span of four months. It’s a lot of pressure. I love all these people. But I personally need space between events to recharge.

I always believe of—this is so nerdy. I played a lot of Pokémon when I was little. There were those very evolved Pokémon who would do a really big move and had to spend the next couple of turns recharging. They couldn’t make another move. That’s me. I can’t do it!

Beck: You’re just super-evolved.

Wu: It feels like people are going to try to make up for all the lost social time, and I don’t think I’m equipped for that emotionally.

Mull: Definitely in my mind, I’m like, Can I go on vacation? Can I go see my parents? Maybe I should have a party. I can see that people in my position who are really excited to be able to do those things might feel like people who are reluctant to do them, for non-safety reasons, are maybe being a little bit rude. I could see those miscommunications happening.

Beck: Let’s do a lightning round of: Are you looking forward to these things?

Working in an office. Yes or no?

Wu: Yes.

Mull: Yes. A couple of days a week. I don’t desire to go back every day.

Beck: Eating at restaurants?

Mull: Yes.

Wu: Yes.

Beck: Travel?

Mull: Yes.

Wu: I hate travel. And now everyone’s gonna hate me.

Mull: I will say that it gives me a ton of anxiety to have to plan a trip. I like being there. But I really dislike the logistics aspect of it. So I can agree with you on that.

Wu: If I love you, I will travel to see you, hands down. That is always worth it to me. But I find travel stressful a great deal of the time. I think it’s largely because of the ambiguity and too much novelty.

Beck: Public transit?

Wu: No. I was a staunch biker before the pandemic.

Mull: Yes. I took the subway yesterday for the first time in more than a year to go get a root canal. And I was genuinely so glad to be on the subway.

Beck: Parties?

Wu: Nope.

Mull: Yes.

Beck: What about visiting other people inside their homes, not necessarily in a party situation?

Wu: Yeah.

Mull: Yes.

Beck: What about big gatherings, like concerts or sports games?

Wu: No, no, no.

Mull: Sports, yes. There’s too much standing at concerts.

Wu: Concerts are the few big, moshy-type things that I have enjoyed going to in the past. However I can’t do more than a couple a year.

Beck: Are you eagerly anticipating completion of Zoom conferences, or the excellent reduction in Zoom conferences?

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.