What if Halo had been a Mac exclusive? Versus: ALTERNATE HISTORY

It’s a little odd to think of now, however there was a time when “Mac gamer” was a genuine label an individual may use to themselves. Amongst these committed Apple fans, there was possibly no designer more revered than Bungie. The studio got its start as a Mac-exclusive video game designer, with titles like Marathon and Misconception, though ultimately it would release its video games on both Mac and Windows PC.

In spite of its multiplatform preferences, Bungie was still referred to as the premier Mac video game designer well into the late 1990s, which is why Steve Jobs, of all individuals, got to expose the very first video of Bungie’s Halo to the general public at Macworld 1999.

It’s a surreal clip: The “iCEO,” total with renowned black turtleneck, happily presents Jason Jones, Bungie’s co-founder, however not prior to hyping Halo as “one of the coolest I’ve ever seen!” Obviously, Halo would not wind up as a third-person shooter, like in this clip, nor would it release on Mac (a minimum of not right away). Rather, the video game transformed first-person shooters on consoles and ended up being the crown gem of Microsoft’s Xbox. The rest, as they state, is history.

However what if it wasn’t?

What if, rather of Microsoft’s then-CEO, Steve Ballmer, purchasing Bungie … a various Steve purchased the studio? Could Halo: Fight Evolved, a famous first-person shooter on consoles, have offered Mac video gaming the increase it frantically required in 2001? Could the Xbox have discovered a various killer app? And what might an Apple-dominated video game market appear like today?

In the video above, we’ve tried to address this “what if” in the most recent episode of our alternate history series, Versus. In this weird brand-new world, Waluigi is censored, teabagging is unlawful, and everybody enjoys the fishman who resides in their phones. It’s not tough to envision this “iVerse.” All you need to do is … believe various.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.