What if Breath of the Wild had an air dash

Often the tiniest of groups can make the grandest of worlds. Tovenaar Games is just 2 individuals, however in their video game, BattleSage, you’ll zoom through its sensational world at an excessive rate. The design is similar to both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the animation design of Studio Ghibli. In BattleSage, you’ll get fly through the skies along with huge air blimps and the rest of its wonderful world.

We have skyrocketing sages and more in Cool WIP, Polygon’s weekly roundup of appealing clips, and screenshots of operate in development. Weekly, the Polygon personnel searches the web for the most fascinating video games still under building and construction, to offer you a sampler of the coolest up-and-coming jobs.

Today we likewise have a level designer that speed runs video game advancement itself, a video game with graphics motivated by kids’s books, a witchy farming sim, and a foreboding forest monster, to top all of it off.

Fight sage takes your experience to the skies

Tovenaar Games’ BattleSage resembles if you put a jetpack on Link in Breath of the Wild. A clip from among the designers reveals the primary character running around the environment, breaking and rushing through the world — and even requiring to the sky. It sure appears like a hassle-free method to navigate! The video game remains in its earlier phases of advancement, however you can examine the group’s work on the studio’s Twitter account.

A level designer sees what he can make in a half hour

Oliver William Walker is a level designer who runs a series on TikTok where he makes a level in thirty minutes or less. Making any computer game is a time and labor extensive procedure. So it’s fascinating to see simply what’s possible in such a brief amount of time. In this TikTok, we see him make a glowing red world inspired by a looming giant. It’s moody, atmospheric, and fun to see what a level looks like from the developer’s perspective. You can check out the full series, and his other work on his TikTok account.

Children’s illustrations come to life in this puzzle game

How to Say Goodbye is a puzzle game where you rearrange objects in order to let ghosts depart to another world. A GIF posted by one of the developers shows one of its whimsical levels — which is designed with hues of pink and purple, and looks like an assortment of random food items on a table. (I simply love to watch the animation of the little ghosts wiggling under the objects.) The game is being made by Florian Veltman, Baptiste Portefaix, and ARTE France and is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022.

A witchy farming sim

Kitori Academy is a farming sim where you grow crops for potions. The developers at Cubenary posted a clip of a new character: a frog that also happens to be a headmaster. From what the developers have shown, it’s a bright, colorful game with cartoonish elements fit for its magical world. The game is early in development, so there’s no release date but you can follow updates on the game’s Steam page.

A cursed beast saunters through the brush

This developer captures a mystical moment in this WIP called We Kill Monsters. In one clip, we see a crouching character quietly observe a strange beast in the woods. The large creature appears like a demonic stag, but likewise looks serene as it gradually strolls through the woods. If you’re interested in seeing more, Glass Revolver has a lot of other clips flaunting gameplay on their Twitter account.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.