What are the longest winning and losing streaks in NBA history?

What are the longest winning and losing streaks in NBA history? initially appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The Phoenix Suns have actually put their sluggish start to the 2021-22 NBA season well behind them.

After dropping 3 of their very first 4 video games, the ruling Western Conference champs have actually rattled 17 successive triumphes, connected for the longest winning streak in franchise history.

Their most current success began Tuesday night versus the NBA-best Golden State Warriors in Phoenix. The Suns went into the heavyweight face-off tracking Golden State by one video game in the standings, however left it with a similar 18-3 record thanks to a 104-96 win. Not just did Phoenix hold Stephen Curry to simply 12 points, however they had the ability to remove the Dubs regardless of star guard Devin Booker leaving in the very first half with a hamstring injury.

Chris Paul and Co. require simply another win to break the franchise record winning streak, however the number of more triumphes are needed to break the NBA record?

What is the longest winning streak in NBA history?

If the Suns wish to be the owners of the longest single-season winning streak in NBA history, they can’t lose another video game up until early January. That’s due to the fact that the mark they require to find is 33.

The Los Angeles Lakers won an NBA-record 33 straight video games in 1971-72. Regardless of losing Elgin Baylor to retirement early in the season, the Lakers didn’t drop a single match from Nov. 11, 1971, to Jan. 2, 1972. Obviously, L.A. still had Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West, and they went on to catch the 1972 champion.

The Warriors have the second-longest winning streak in general at 28 video games, extending from completion of the 2014-15 season (4 straight wins) into the start of the 2015-16 season (24 straight wins).

However the group that’s come closest to matching the Lakers’ single-season record is the 2012-13 Miami Heat. The Big 3 of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh won 27 successive video games in their 3rd season together. The Chicago Bulls snapped Miami’s streak with a 101-97 win on March 27, 2013. Nevertheless, the Heat would get repayment in the playoffs, beating Chicago in the Eastern Conference semifinals en path to a 2nd successive champion.

The 2015-16 Warriors (24 straight wins), 2007-08 Houston Rockets (22) and 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks (20) are the only other teams in NBA history to win at least 20 successive games in one season. For the Suns to join that exclusive club, they need to beat the Detroit Pistons at home (Dec. 2), the Warriors on the road (Dec. 3) and the San Antonio Spurs at home (Dec. 6).

Phoenix is currently tied with seven other teams for the 14th-longest single-season winning streak. Here’s a look at the teams ahead of them:

1. Los Angeles Lakers, 1971-72: 33

2. Miami Heat, 2012-13: 27

3. Golden State Warriors, 2015-16: 24

4. Houston Firecrackers, 2007-08: 22

5. Milwaukee Bucks, 1970-71: 20

T-6. Los Angeles Lakers, 1999-2000: 19

T-6. Boston Celtics, 2008-09: 19

T-6. San Antonio Spurs, 2013-14: 19

T-6. Atlanta Hawks, 2014-15: 19

T-10. New York Knicks, 1969-70: 18

T-10. Boston Celtics, 1981-82: 18

T-10. Chicago Bulls, 1995-96: 18

T-10. Milwaukee Bucks, 2019-20: 18

What is the longest losing streak in NBA history?

The longest single-season losing streak in NBA history is 26 games, and it’s been achieved twice.

The Cleveland Cavaliers quickly learned life without LeBron James isn’t easy. In the first season after he departed to Miami, the 2010-11 Cavs broke the NBA record with a 26-game losing streak. Cleveland won just 19 games that season, but all that losing wasn’t for naught. The Cavaliers landed the No. 1 overall pick in the subsequent draft lottery and used it to select Kyrie Irving.

Prior to the 2010-11 Cavs, the longest single-season losing streak was 23 games, which was done by three groups: the 1995-96 Vancouver Grizzlies, 1997-98 Denver Nuggets and 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats.

A few seasons after Cleveland’s 26-game skid, the Philadelphia 76ers endured the exact same thing. The Sixers began the first year of “The Process” era in 2013-14 with a stunning 3-0 start before crashing back down to earth. Philadelphia went nearly two months without a victory but blew out the Detroit Pistons on March 29, 2014, to avoid suffering a record-breaking 27th straight loss. Similar to the 2010-11 Cavs, the Sixers won 19 video games that season and turned their high draft pick into a superstar: Joel Embiid.

Over the following two seasons, the Sixers would set the longest losing streak overall in NBA history. They lost their final 10 games of the 2014-15 season before dropping the first 18 games of the 2015-16 campaign for a 28-game skid.

Here’s a full look at the longest single-season losing streaks in NBA history:

T-1. Cleveland Cavaliers, 2010-11: 26

T-1. Philadelphia 76ers, 2013-14: 26

T-3. Vancouver Grizzlies, 1995-96: 23

T-3. Denver Nuggets, 1997-98: 23

T-3. Charlotte Bobcats, 2011-12: 23

T-6. Philadelphia 76ers, 1972-73: 20

T-6. Dallas Mavericks, 1993-94: 20

T-6. Houston Firecrackers, 2020-21: 20

T-9. San Diego Clippers, 1981-82: 19

T-9. Cleveland Cavaliers, 1981-82: 19

T-9. Los Angeles Clippers, 1988-89: 19

T-9. Dallas Mavericks, 1992-93: 19

T-9. Vancouver Grizzlies, 1995-96: 19

T-9. Orlando Magic, 2003-04: 19

T-9. Memphis Grizzlies, 2017-18: 19

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