What Are the Best Electric Bikes?

The best electric bikes, or rather the very best of what is available, have an added advantage: the suspension. There are bikes that don’t have this advantage and it may seem like a trivial choice to many bike enthusiasts. But the advantages of having an extra spring to your pedaling leg is significant enough to make this choice a major one.

This is not, however, the most important thing to consider. A bike’s suspension plays a significant role in how smoothly the bike operates. If you can have a smooth ride that does not make sudden stops, you’ll enjoy your ride more. It is also important to remember that while a smoother ride makes your pedaling leg feel better, this does not mean that the distance traveled by the bike will be less.

Any good solid bike will start off with an air suspension. The shock absorbing quality that air suspension provides makes the bike more comfortable for the rider. When air shocks are not employed, or when they are employed to high levels of resistance, the bike rides smooth but with less control.

A bike without an air-shock suspension system is like riding on pavement without any real tires. That doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? And it certainly isn’t very practical either.

The best electric bikes today use a three-tube system. That means that all three tubes are made from a single piece of material. This arrangement provides a great deal of stiffness to the pedals while still providing the needed friction to smooth out the pedaling motion.

The main advantages of having these tubes built from the same material as the frame of the bike are ease of maintenance and weight savings. In addition, the ability to connect them together with brackets on the frame permits for easy replacement of tubes. Because the tubes are fabricated into one unit, they are usually very thin.

Many modern electric bikes are equipped with air shocks that allow for suspension without an additional frame piece. While the bike is always subject to the constant weathering of dirt and dust, air shocks provide a much-needed suspension without the weight and bulk of the previous designs. That translates into less noise in the bike’s engine and a reduction in energy consumption.

With all of the new technologies in the world of fitness, there is no reason to doubt that the next big revolution will not produce some truly great bikes. No matter which of the new designs become a hit, it is clear that for the mass consumer, it is the suspension that makes or breaks the bike. One of the best electric bikes for any rider is one that uses a completely internal spring design.

These are bikes with zero load suspension systems built in. There is no tubing to separate the tubes because there is nothing involved. The way the bike feels to you depends on how well the shock works.

A bike with an air-shock suspension system that is no larger than a deck of cards has become the choice of the pros and the performance crowd. For one thing, it is easy to maintain. There is no need to replace parts, and a filter is standard.

The internal springs give the bike’s stiffness, especially on long climbs, without sacrificing ride comfort. As for her design, the air shocks permit very little movement in the tube structure. This is a very efficient design and certainly lends itself to any type of riding style.

The best electric bikes that use this method of suspension offer a real advantage over the competition. The more you can do with your bike, the better. It is an enjoyable and comfortable ride that will not break the bank. To get the best electric bike, make sure you shop at Top New Motorcycles today.