Weekly Link Love — Edition 120

Research Study of the Week

Extremely low-carb ketogenic diet plans are safe and efficient for type 2 diabetics.

Both Neanderthals and human beings had comparable auditory and speech abilities.

The link in between air contamination and criminal activity.

2020 saw the greatest variety of traffic deaths in 13 years, regardless of driving being method down.

Improving roadway security decreases criminal activity.

New Primal Plan Podcasts

Episode 473: Drew Manning: Host Elle Russ invites Drew Manning back to the podcast.

Health Coach Radio: Chris Davis and Stephanie Aubrey reveal you how to grow more powerful through partnership.

Media, Schmedia

The COVID epidemic hit overweight nations hardest.

The ancient art of parenting.

Fascinating Blog Site Posts

Dave Feldman goes into a little-used step of lipoprotein oxidation.

How close are we to psilocybin and MDMA treatment?

Social Notes

Love it.

Whatever Else

A real flower kid.

New embalming information from an ancient Egyptian manual expose how advanced those people were.

Buen vivir.

An eye for the other eye.

Things I’m Up to and Thinking about

Reasons that young people may be having less sex: Computer game, lower alcohol usage, living with moms and dads.

Fascinating short article: Cormac McCarthy on the advancement of language.

If you’re certified…: Use to restore the woolly massive.

Huge subject: “Prevalence trends tell us what did not precipitate the US obesity epidemic.”

Missing out on vitamin D?: This sunlamp looks rather great.

Concern I’m Asking

What do you believe triggered the weight problems epidemic?

Dish Corner

Time Pill

One year ago (Feb 26 – Mar 4)

Remark of the Week

“This column comforts, but also inspires. I’m caregiving my bedridden husband right now, and have been so tired that my emotions have played havoc. But this steadies and provides a goal I can concentrate on. It has helped already. Thank you!”

-I’m so grateful to hear this, Helen.


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