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Water Works! – Mississippi State Department of Health

Adults and kids benefit from healthy, affordable tap water instead of sweet drinks.

Your body works better with water. More than half of you is water. Your muscles, joints, brain and digestion all depend on plenty of plain water.

Do your kidneys a favor. These organs work hard around the clock to clear your body of extra chemicals, flavorings and substances in your food and drinks. Water washes them clean and helps them do their work.

Goodbye, cavities. Drinking juices, milk, sports drinks and colas throughout the day adds sugars to your mouth that bacteria love. It powers them to create cavities hour after hour. Water does the opposite, rinsing away sugars and keeping teeth and gums healthier.

It’s the original – and best – thirst buster. The sugars and salts in sports drinks increase your body’s need for water. Save sports drinks for heavy activity in hot weather, and combine them with plenty of plain water. In warm weather and for outdoor activity, your body craves plain water!

It’s made by nature, not a company. With all its benefits, water from your tap still costs pennies a glass. Tap water helps balance the level of fluoride, too, if the natural level in water is low. That means added protection for your teeth whenever you drink.

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