Water main break creates geyser at busy intersection | News

SHREVEPORT, La — A prime example of the city’s stopping working, old facilities was on display screen at the corner of Fairfield and Jordan Monday afternoon.

Water department teams struck a gusher when they went to fix a dripping 12-inch water pipe. When they cleared enough concrete and dirt out of the method, the burst line shot water about 60 feet into the air.

Luckily, the state office complex and other neighboring companies still appeared closed for the vacations.

The employees anticipated to be there into the night to splice a brand-new pipeline in location. They stated a geyser from a water pipe break isn’t that uncommon in Shreveport, where pipelines might depend on 80 years of ages.

Citizens just recently declined a bond proposition to update the city’s water and drain pipelines.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.