Watching Clowns From Your Child’s Bedroom

Clowns, leprechauns, monsters, fairies, and ghouls are often considered to be out of touch with the “real” world. They may not even be real at all, but they are meant to serve as your guide through a fantasy land that is so real that some of the things in it are nothing more than products of our imaginations.

For many people, clowns are frighteningly funny, but these images are as old as time itself. This is one reason why many cultures have taken a liking to these strange characters, but because of their association with children, they are often the subject of many a nursery rhyme.

No matter how they are depicted, though, the presence of a clown in a child’s bedroom is a common place. If you do a little research you will find that there are at least ten different kinds of clowns in the United States alone.

The clowns of Walt Disney are the most familiar thing for many children, and many of us grew up hearing about them. However, he was not the first cartoon character to appear on the television screen. He was far from the first cartoon character to draw on paper.

As a matter of fact, very few people seem to be aware that there are a lot of these cartoons in existence. Some of the old ones are on YouTube, and other sites, but they are just a fraction of what is available. In fact, a lot of the stories that you know of and the cartoons that we know of were all produced over fifty years ago, if not longer.

The fantastic stories that the clowns tell are no longer being told in elementary schools. The truth is that the story behind each of these characters has had more influence on our culture than most people realize. This is because of the way that these characters are packaged and marketed to children.

What does this mean for you as an adult? It means that, just as the clowns that are taking the stage today were originally designed to entertain children, the character of a clown can become the main source of entertainment in your home or office. The only difference is that now, rather than just a clown and a lamp, you have a star to drive.

Today’s reputation for clowns, then, is that of one who uses his skills to amuse. He is a friend, a loyal companion, and sometimes even a protector. People associate him with mischief, at times, but he has found a way to make himself completely trustworthy. In essence, you can call him that if you like, but you cannot call him a monster.

His character is one that we are comfortable with but yet also one that we know we cannot trust totally. Some of the most famous clowns, in the movies, are the freaks and monsters that have been created for the purpose of comic relief. While many of them are funny, there is no doubt that some are also scary.

All that being said, don’t allow these characters to scare you off, but also don’t forget that they have a purpose, even if you have to keep reminding yourself of that fact. Take a look at the American English language, and you will find that it is commonly used for clowns, and that they will probably be the first thing that you are called upon to teach. Now that doesn’t mean that the traditional clown is going to be around forever, of course, but there will always be someone for you to pick up.

There are a lot of different reasons why people like to watch these characters on the big screen. They are used for humor, for entertainment, as role models and for stage shows. In other words, they can serve a number of purposes. No matter what their purpose, though, clowns are here to stay, and they never have to leave your bedroom.

Entertain the children in your life by watching a classic fairy tale about two brothers who find themselves stuck in a strange new world of laughter and magic. If that isn’t enough, then you can also turn on the television and watch some of the greatest comedic gems in history with the help of these very characters.