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Watch: Pamela Sutton-Wallace: How Hospitals and Health Systems Can Change the Health Equity Landscape | Healthiest Communities Health News

Envisioning a more equitable health care landscape will require new ideas around data, culture and collaboration, according to Pamela Sutton-Wallace, Yale New Haven Health’s chief operating officer, who spoke at the recent “The State of Equity in America” forum hosted by U.S. News & World Report.

At the event, thought leaders and experts from business, government, health, the nonprofit world and other sectors came together to highlight solutions to address economic and health inequities across the country, with a special focus on New York.

In addition to highlighting the utility of data-driven clinical approaches, Sutton-Wallace also stressed the need for “culturally based work” in hospitals, particularly as it relates to supporting clinicians facing discrimination, as well as cultivating culturally sensitive care for patients.

Despite pandemic-induced deficits, she said that health systems have the means to achieve these goals, provided they even out the playing field by “add[ing] health delivery systems that don’t have an obligation to care for patients of all ranges,” for example.

“There’s enough money in the system – it’s just not being placed in the right places, I would contend, and we have to tackle that as a country.”

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