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Watch Ghostface Follow Courteney Cox Home After ‘Scream 6’ Filming

Courteney Cox seems to be ready to kick back and relax after a few long months of shooting Scream 6

However, it doesn’t seem like she’s going to get a break just yet as her arch nemesis, Ghostface, followed her home from work on Sunday evening. 

The actress shared a spooktastic video on her Instagram page where she revealed that she officially completed filming on the franchise’s latest film, but not everyone got the message.

In the video, Cox crashes on the couch, stating, “I just finished filming ‘Scream,’ I’m back from Montreal, and I’m so happy to have my work behind me. Whoa!”

But the actress soon realizes that she’s not alone as she notices a familiar face on the security cameras. Cox’s security cam footage then reveals Ghostface approaching, inching closer and closer each time. Instead of terror, however, Cox seems exasperated by his persistence.

“Does this B—H ever get tired? #ghostface” the actress captioned the post. 

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