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Warning About Virginia Homicide Suspect – NBC4 Washington

Police in Virginia continue searching for a suspect in an October homicide. They say Kyjuan Trott-McLean, who is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Brandon Wims and should be considered armed and dangerous, has narrowly evaded capture multiple times.

Trott-McLean, 43, has been on the run since he allegedly shot and killed 31-year-old Brandon Wims in cold blood, police said. Wims was shot while in a vehicle at the Old Mill Gardens apartment complex in Mount Vernon.

On Nov. 3, a SWAT team raided a home where police expected to find Trott-McLean with no luck.

On Sunday, a SWAT team returned to the same home. Trott-McLean had just escaped.

“We know that he’s playing games with the Fairfax County Police Department, and while he’s playing those games, he’s putting this community at risk,” Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis said.

The home belongs to a man whose daughter is married to Trott-McLean. The man called police when he found the suspect inside, but the suspect ran during the 911 call and is back on the street.

“We do ask any member of the community who sees this offender out on the street not to approach, to dial 911,” said Ed O’Carroll of Fairfax County police. “He should be considered armed and dangerous.”

Police stressed anyone who might be helping Trott-McLean also will be punished for helping him.

Wims’ mother was overcome with grief as she tried to share her story Wednesday.

“I’m here today to let you know that I am broken without my child,” Michelle Wims said, holding back tears.

Police increased a reward for information leading to the arrest of Trott-McLean to $11,000.

“If anybody knows anything, please call 911, because we never know, someone else’s family could be the next victim,” Wims said.

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