Wario just stunted on everyone in Mario Golf

There’s plenty to be delighted about in Mario Golf: Super Rush — did Nintendo truly simply turn golf into a fight royale video game? — however none of it is almost as crucial as the drip included in the expose trailer. I imply, simply take a look at my guy Wario here.

The hat. The t-shirt. Those checkered trousers. The whole fit screams self-confidence, to the degree that it does not matter what score Wario manages completion of the video game. He’s currently won. He understands it, too. Simply take a look at the method Wario brings himself when traipsing around the golf course. While everybody else scurries around like headless chickens, Wario relocations with grace and function.

It’s particularly significant due to the fact that the remainder of the cast is dressed up, too. Mario’s crisp white trousers are worthy of factor to consider, and loath as I am to applaud an animal that has no factor to exist, Daisy’s skirt and polo combination is a downplayed yet advanced get-up. The competitors is intense.

However Wario’s simply completely in his own intense yellow lane. This, girls and gentlemen, is what we call an icon.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.