Warhammer Plus release date, price, free minis, White Dwarf announced

Warhammer Plus, a Warhammer membership service, launches on Aug. 25 and will consist of a lot more than simply brand-new animated series. Customers will make a unique, totally free mini by the end of their very first year, plus access to back concerns of White Dwarf publication and access to army structure apps for 40K and Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop revealed Wednesday throughout a Twitch livestream.

Members of the Warhammer neighborhood group exposed brand-new information about the service, which will be offered for $5.99 monthly or $59.99 annually. There will likewise be pastime programs, consisting of sophisticated painting tutorials and intricate fight reports shot in a recently remodelled studio. Within the very first year, fans will likewise get access to the whole run of the 2020 White Dwarf publication, with extra historic back concerns en route.

After 12 months of subscribing, users will get their option of a complimentary mini — either a growling armored Dream orc or a Vindicare Assassin sniper, set down perilously in the shattered wreckage of an Imperial Saint’s statue. They appear like a genuine reward for collectors, who will have the ability to purchase the design that they don’t get totally free if they so pick. They’re likewise able to be utilized in competitive play, if you choose to display at the table.

Warhammer 40k - a miniature of a Vindicare Assassin, perched as a sniper in the ruins of an old statue.

Image: Games Workshop

Warhammer Fantasy - a growling orc lifts his axe and menaces enemies while holding the helmet of one of Sigmar’s warriors.

Image: Games Workshop

Warhammer Plus will introduce with episodes of Angels of Death (from the very same group behind the popular Helsreach YouTube series) and anthology series Hammer and Bolter. More animated series, along with documentary-style programs highlighting Warhammer tradition, are likewise en route.

The service likewise consists of access to the Warhammer 40K app for mobile phones, along with a comparable app presently in advancement for the 3rd edition of Age of Sigmar. Users who have a present membership to the 40K app will have the chance to roll that over into a membership to Warhammer Plus — and they’ll get their totally free mini approximately 3 months early as a thank you.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.