Warhammer 40K’s Eldar to get new models in 2022, no new codex mentioned

Games Workshop is riding high following the launch of the 9th edition of Warhammer 40K, which was bookended by some really prominent army releases. Now it’s going back to the Aeldari (likewise referred to as the Eldar), a fundamental faction that hasn’t seen much attention in over a years.

The Eldar are a lithe and ancient race, understood for their aquiline functions and the webway websites that they utilize to pass through the galaxy. Their primary frontline fighters are called Guardians, and they’re approximately comparable to general-purpose Imperial Guardsman or Primaris Area Militaries in their battleground function.

The brand-new multi-part plastic Guardians set revealed on Monday seems like a subtle tweak instead of a total rework of the tradition designs. The shape feels complementary to older sets, suggesting that collectors won’t have all that much difficulty incorporating them into their existing armies.

On the other hand, the postures themselves are far more vibrant — although not almost as acrobatic as the figures consisted of in in 2015’s Drukhari release.

A group of red miniatures, one of them tossing a grenade.

Eldar Guardians painted as members of the Asuryani Craftworld.
Image: Games Workshop

Three jetbikes, each with two Eldar on top.

A group of Shroud Runners to be consisted of in the Eldritch Prophecies boxed set.
Image: Games Workshop

This isn’t the only brand-new Eldar design revealed over the vacation. On Christmas, Games Workshop previewed a handful of incredible brand-new Asuryani Eldar, which will be packaged with some brand-new Turmoil Area Militaries in the upcoming Warhammer 40,000: Eldritch Prophecies boxed set.

As is normal of Games Workshop, no rates or pre-order details for these sets has actually been launched, however a lot more Eldar news is on the method, obviously. According to the Warhammer Neighborhood site, fans need to anticipate weekly updates for the foreseeable future in a brand-new series called Course of the Sneak peek. Here’s hoping that a brand-new codex, total with modified point worths and system associates for 9th edition, is likewise on the horizon.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.